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June 3rd, 2008 by Rich Szabo

Since my previous post regarding Jimmy Carter’s trip to meet with Hamas I contacted my Congressman asking that Carter be prosecuted under the Logan Act.I finally received a response from my Congressman today. CLick on the letter to see the full size:

Letter From Paul Kanjorski

I just finished responding to his letter. What I said was thus:

“Dear Congressman Kanjorski:

In response to your letter dated June 2nd which is enclosed, I have several issues regarding your response.

1) Jimmy Carter met with a Terrorist leader in a terrorist nation without the proper consent of our government.
2) He is in direct violation of the Logan Act and should be prosecuted.
3) Your second to last paragraph is what hit me. “Currently, there is no legislation in the House of Representatives pertaining to President Carter’s meeting with leaders of Hamas. Should I have the opportunity to consider such a measure during the 110th Congress, however, you can rest assured that I will keep your thoughts in mind and take actions as appropriate.”

You are a representative of the people of Pennsylvania. Your duty is to represent your constituents. If you had any backbone whatsoever, YOU would introduce legislation to prosecute Jimmy Carter in violation of the Logan Act. Get out of the stands and onto the playing field Congressman.”

so let’s see what kind of lame response I get this time around. To be continued…..

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