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Barry’s Petroleum Speech – The Wizard Is Worthless

June 16th, 2010 by Rich Szabo

I can hear it now. No need to watch or listen. Here is how Barry’s speech will go tonight:

“Let me be clear about this historic unprecedented crisis that I inherited from the previous administration. I’ve said time and time again that the system is broken and ummm…I will hold them accountable through transparency that will restore our reputation. There are those who say you can keep your present plan but not one dime….”

I was close!

Well folks, the curtain has been pulled aside to reveal that the “wizard” is worthless.

Barry got right to the corruption of the “past 10 years” i.e., Bush’s fault. And also as predicted he is “ORDERING” BP to pay for the damage and clean up, and that they must fork over the money to an “independent” administrator to oversee the damage-compensation payment process. And by independent administrator he of course means himself.

BP has not ducked responsibility for any of this. They have accepted full accountability from the start. The world has been watching the oil billow from that well at the bottom of the sea since day one, up close and personal, with cameras placed there by BP for all the world to see – nothing hidden. BP has for weeks been running commercials taking responsibility and vowing to make it right. Total transparency. A word who’s meaning is totally foreign to Barry and da Boyz.

But Obama and his Reid-Pelosi Mafia cannot stand the thought of BP compensating folks on their own because then Obama and his Mafia wouldn’t get credit for doing anything. So he gets in there with his big words “I’M ORDERING’ BP to pay for all the damages and compensation, something they have already been doing. It’s like the old bit, “I quit. You can’t quit because I’m firing you.” In this case its, “We’re paying for all the damages and compensation on our own. No you can’t, because I’M MAKING you do it.” This is nothing more than Obama’s latest foray into communist, marxist, socialist, Hitler-Nazi government takeover of the BP’s compensation dollars to become nothing more than Obama’s newest piggy bank to raid for his Mafia. Under his “independent” administrator, I wonder just how much of the compensation funds will actually ever get to those affected. And when it doesn’t, and the outcry over that begins, the 5th column media will refuse to expose the corruption under Obama’s independent administrator, and they and he and his mafia will still blame BP, and probably Bush too.

When Obama’s butt buddy Chris Matthews can see the lack of any capability to be president then the writing is truly on the wall..

Think about it. He’s coming up short when compared to the absolute worst president since the pre-civil war: Jimmy Carter.. You can’t set the bar any lower and yet he does. That’s like coming in fourth in a three horse race. The man is a pathetic joke.

No leadership skills at all. His only game is the political blame game: Find someone to blame. The choice is BP in this event. But the real truth is if you do some basic homework, you discover that BP is out in the deep water of the gulf doing risky drilling because the environmental wacko’s have been able to lobby, pay the lefties into restricting oil drilling in shallow water forcing high risk adventures. The bottom line is that the real root cause is the environmental wacko’s and their political hand maidens like Gore, Obama and Clinton. They allowed and forced the EPA, and the other cognizant federal agencies to give into the paid lobbyists from the left and the high risk finally happened. You got the inevitable accident. Now the same crowd is trying to line up using the problem they caused to happen by joining Barry to do some finger pointing at the greedy capitalist. Then to use that false flag to sell their silly cap and tax power grab. Obama really believes that the average American is too stupid to see through the plot.

He definitely accomplished three things with his speech last night:

1. He ensured the GOP will take back the House.
2. He ensured the GOP will also take back the Senate.
3. He ensured the GOP will pretty much win governor’s races this year.

Cap ‘n trade? Higher energy costs? “Comprehensive bill?” Yeah, those will go over with the public like beer farts in church, won’t they?

The press elected an incompetent who can’t lead. Thanks to all those who voted for this empty suit who only knows how to give a speech at a college graduation.

The LA Times 2008 endorsement of Obama said it best: “He is so comfortable with his lack of experience”.

Why Obama fooled so many people is that Obama actually believed he was “god”. Listen to his speech after securing the nomination, “…this is the moment when earth began to heal and the rise of the oceans began to slow.”

That is beyond freighting. Can you say Megalomaniac?

It is the reason why Hitler rose to power. Barry’s megalomania radiates so much conviction it fools the masses, but as the megalomaniac falters the faux confidence erodes and the words and actions become hallow. I am not saying Obama is Hitler. I am saying that megalomaniacs have incredible communication skills while they believe in their power, but lose it entirely upon the realization that the narcissistic ego is fallible. Obama seems so out of touch because he is. Obama is blinded by his own belief system.

Intrinsically, big government is always a poor responder no matter which party is in power. Unlike the Katrina disaster where local and state government had the responsibility for primary response, the response to this oil spill is the direct responsibility of the Federal Government. Obama’s mismanagement of the Gulf oil leak is truly mind-boggling. Obama lacks the slightest degree of management skill. This is not really surprising as “We” elected as President and CEO of the USA a man who lacks absolutely any management experience.

Remember how the complicit media (including the MSNBC crew) told us that this man was so brilliant that experience would not matter (although experience really did matter when it came to the opposing Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates)? Surprise! Experience actually does mean something and America is re-learning it the hard way. Fifty plus days into the spill, and Barry finally decides that maybe he’d just better talk to the BP CEO and make political points by “kicking some ass”. Meanwhile, the people of the Gulf Coast and the environment continue to suffer crippling blows with no end in sight.

Where are the comparisons with FDR, Kennedy or Reagan now? All of these men would have handled the situation far better as they were true leaders.

Last night, nearly 60 days into the disaster, Barry displays his leadership and management skills with this pathetic and petty speech. A real leader and an experienced manager would have immediately called all players together, assessed the situation and mobilized all resources foreign and domestic to stop the leak. But no! He rejects the advice of his petroleum engineers, and tells the world in writing we don’t want their help. It looks like Barry is in the pocket of the unions on this one. The time for blame is after the leak is controlled and not before. We don’t expect miracles, we desperately need some competent leadership.

When you’ve lost the support of even the zombies like Keith Olbermann, you know you are officially toast. This is Obama’s Chappaquiddick.

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