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Side By Side

September 23rd, 2010 by Ted Silberstein

An analytical Liberal proffered this comparison chart contrasting Liberal
and Conservative thinking in general. While it might be the instinct
of many conservatives to disagree with his comparison, the only
real flaw is that he didn’t go far enough. It took an analytical
Conservative to help him complete his thoughts for him in the bold
black print in each of the blocks in his comparison chart. It was a
pleasure to help him!

The contrast between “liberals” & “conservatives

in general :



tend to identify with
and have concern for whole
classes of people,

for “society“,
or “mankind”

through complete government
control over them.

tend to identify with oneself and
to have concern for

one’s immediate family, one’s
neighborhood, or one’s race.

And the Constitutional right
to have those personal concerns

to look forward,

confidence in the future,
dissatisfaction with the

But may have no future
because they are determined to repeat the mistakes of their past.

to look backward,

satisfaction over the past
suspicion over the future.

Will always be cautiously
suspicious of any future that promises the transformation to socialism
and communism devoid of personal freedom desired by liberals.

tend to be Liberals

liberals respect and use science.

And are convinced that there
can only be science, and no God. There
cannot be both.

are rarely conservative

conservatives have little respect for science.

And have great respect for
legitimate science, not fabricated politically created voodoo science
such as Global Warming, discovered by the same scientist who claims he
invented the internet.

to embrace All groups (not just one’s own

the dominant race, religion, class, gender, age,

sexual orientation, etc.)

And arrogantly believe they
are the only ones who do.

only of those of one’s own class,

group, neighborhood, religion, country, etc.,


Know that only by
strengthening their own group first, can they then be in the position
to protect the other groups who cannot protect or save themselves, such
as those whose survival in times of natural disaster or invasion by
genocidal regimes depends on our intervention.

to view people in need as
challenge for which a

should be found.

And tend to view people in
need as ripe subjects to be controlled by a welfare state government
who will determine what permanent system wide solution they are in need
of, who is in need of it, and believe they know better than the people
themselves how they should be taken care of, and know better than the
people themselves how their earnings should be spent (only on the
government, keeping them in a state of perpetual indentured servitude
to the government.

to view people in need as

for “entrepreneurs”

to create profit-making enterprises

And tend to
believe that people have the right and responsibility to care for
themselves, and to do what they want with the earnings they worked for,
and that entrepreneurship leads to innovation and profit making
enterprises, enterprises who are the largest employers, creating the
most jobs cultivating a strong and healthy economy, and support for a
strong but not controlling government, and personal freedom.

on being responsible
the whole community, and for

it’s past & future, as well as present.

By “responsible
for the community,” Emphasis is on CONTROLLING THE COMMUNITY
– The definition of COMMUNISM.

on being responsible

for oneself, and focus
on the present.

Emphasis is on first being
responsible for oneself because only then can we be best prepared to
provide for others, and only by first learning from the mistakes of the
past and wisely navigating the present can we prepare for a prosperous

human being is entitled to many
basic human rights just because they have been born into the human family.

Even if it means that others
must work to provide it to them when they refuse to work to provide for

are born with nothing but the hair on our heads and no right to
anything unless and until we or our parents can earn it for us.


instinct of liberals

is to defend the rights of
their opponents to differ.

Except the moment their
opponents differ it is only because their opponents are racist.

instinct of conservatives

isto suppress dissent & oppose
“right to know” policies.

The instinct to oppose
specifically Baraq Hussein Obama’s “right to
know” policies, which hold that there is “no right
to know,” as evidenced by his broken promises of
transparency, and to post proposed bills and programs for public review
before forcing them into law despite dissenting public opinion and
without the opportunity to vote. And
the instinct to suppress dissent such as the Liberal suppression of
dissent evidenced by Nancy McCarthy Pelosie’s demand that
those who voice dissent should be investigated.

see the world in a multitude of colors, recognize, invite and welcome

and subtlety, etc., etc.

Tend to be blind to the fact
that the colors and diversity they welcome often seek to exploit that
naïveté to destroy them – repeatedly

tend to view situations as either black or white, good or evil, guilty
or innocent, for or against us, right or wrong, socialist vs.
capitalist, patriotic or treasonous, simple rather than complex, etc.,

Tend not to be
naïve or to allow themselves to fall prey to enemies who would
exploit naïveté to destroy America.
“Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice
shame on me.”

Elevate the

Foolishly believe they can
raise the bottom by forcibly pulling down the top

Exploit the


Know that you teach those at
the bottom how to get to the top on their own by encouraging self
responsibility, and the pride that comes from self actualization
attained from developing an honest work ethic

think that what causes many people to be poor is injustice in the
principal transactions of life, i.e. unfair wages for the labor they
provide, unfair prices for the goods and services they have to
purchase, unfair policies regarding health care, law enforcement,
working conditions, discrimination, etc.,

In other words to Liberals
there is no such thing as self accountability.
Liberals embrace and give great weight to the copout
that such people are “life’s victims,”
that anything that is not perfect in their world must be because the
world dealt them a bad hand, and cannot possibly be because of their
own failure or desire to achieve

think that “successful people” become prosperous by working hard and
they need to be defended from the injustice of politicians stealing
from the rich to support the lazy.

Conservatives know that it’s the rich who
are the largest employers creating the most jobs which keeps money
flowing and the economy robust. They
know that when wealth is forcibly taken from those who have worked for
it, to give it to those who will not, eventually it becomes clear that
there is no point in working for it, then eventually no wealth will be
made, thus no wealth distributed, and the body economic dies

of progressive taxation

(in order to finance public services).

Tend to be blind to the fact
that progressive taxation normally only means taking more from the pay
check of the wage earner to support the government body and the
creation of services that most people do not need and do not want, and
probably will not get

to most forms of taxation
to the public services they make possible.

Tend to believe that the
public services that are provided by government through exorbitant
taxation can be provided more efficiently and less expensively by
private enterprise, and that healthy competition among private
enterprise leads to those services becoming even better, more efficient
and even less expensive than the government ever can

as much equality as possible (e.g.
support for taxation of the super-wealthy)

Tend to be blind to the fact
that taxing only the “super wealthy” who create the
jobs will force them to reduce their work force in order to cut costs
to compensate for the taxation, resulting in the loss of jobs and
economic crisis

INequality (opposition

to taxation of the super-wealthy)

Tend to support equal and
less taxation across the board for all, and support taxation on
consumption rather than taxation on people, that the people should be
allowed to keep more of their own earnings so that they can buy the
things they want or need, rather than being forced to turn their
earnings over to a government who would decide for the people what they
should have.

liberals are in control, the laws passed and/or enforced tend to fall
on the rich and the powerful, rather than on “little people”

The law books are blind, the
laws apply equally to all
, and national debt increases

conservatives are in control, the laws passed and enforced tend to fall
on “little people”, rather than on the rich and the powerful.

The law books are blind, the
laws apply equally to all
, and
national surplussincreases


behalf of minorities

It is more important and
acceptable for the standards, training, knowledge, skill and abilities
of the person performing the job, (such as the surgeon performing the
delicate brain surgery) to be lowered and replaced by a standard based
solely on the skin color of the practitioner

INaction which benefits the majority

The standards, training,
knowledge, skill and abilities of the individual is the gauge that
should be applied when choosing the practitioner regardless of skin

OK with paying taxes,
money is used to care

for the needs of others, i.e.
the young, old, sick,

minorities, etc., etc.

Blind to the fact that some
taxes must be steered toward strengthening law enforcement and national
defenses which are essential to protecting the young, old, sick,
handicapped, minorities, as well as the healthy, etc, etc,

OK with paying taxes,
money is used for

their own security,
national “defense”.

Understand that some taxes
must be steered toward strengthening law enforcement and national
defenses so that we can continue to have a secure nation where some
taxes can also be steered to protecting the young, old, sick,

& New ideas:

respect the ability of all men to think

themselves and welcome and respect

and different insights and discoveries by

in every field. (Reason is supreme).

as long as the
insights and thinking come from fellow Liberals.
Closed minded to any insight or thinking from anyone
other than another Liberal, and are offended by the belief that God may
play a role. It is
this trait that leaves little to distinguish between the radical
Liberal Left and radical Islam. They
are kissin’ cousins.

& Orthodoxy :

are insecure in their own ability to

the truth and need to have “orthodox” doctrine

down to them from supernatural and / or

authority figures.

(Faith and blind obedience are supreme.)

Faith is indeed strong, and
their only blind obedience is to their pledge to keep our America free
and prosperous

contrast between “liberals” & “conservatives

in the area
of national policy :



large scale problems are best solved with public non-profit social

Even when those programs
when controlled by government suffer at the hands of an inefficient
bureaucracy, and thus fail at their intended mission

large scale problems are best solved with private profit-making
individual solutions

Because it has been proved
time and time again, that privately run programs are more efficient and
less costly to run, thereby serving more people, thus better serving
the mission

power in the hands of
(public) government over
large (private) corporations

Totally trust in the
politicians in power? And
Liberals accuse Conservatives of blind obedience – Wholly Cow!

power in the hands

of large (private) corporations
over large (public) government

Trust private corporations
to better develop the tools for government to work with to keep our
republic safe

of wealth

power to

many as possible

A proven failed policy world
wide throughout history. A
policy proved to breed social and economic despair and to dictatorships
doomed to bloody fall

of wealth

power in the hands

the elite few who have earned them

But support the right of
anyone to earn them and enjoy the fruits of that labor without having
their wealth stripped of them at gunpoint and given to those who will
not help themselves

of Unions

Collective Bargaining

While blind to the fact that
powerful unions feed on the lifeblood of the lowly union workers,
sucking their compulsory union dues to give to politicians whom the
union heads want in power, but whom the union worker might not like and
would not vote for.


private enterprise

“Freedom to Work”

The keyword
“Freedom” the concept that has made America the
greatest nation in the history of the planet.

Union of States
and belief in federal government

Even though
bureaucrats in the federal government are far removed from the needs of
individual states, each of which have individual problems and needs

of States
in “states’ rights” and distrust of federal government

freedom in the United States means the freedom of state and local
communities to decide their own affairs.
The country is so tremendous that trying to impose
one size fits all regulations upon all the states amount to tyranny in
communities where those regulations are different from what the people
need or want

of opposition to slavery

But support mandatory union
membership which is tantamount to slavery.

of defense of slavery

Abraham Lincoln was a
Republican, Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves

of higher

wage and
“a livable wage”

Even though raising minimum
wages leads to inflation and unemployment

wages as

as possible

(whatever “the market” allows
or even “dictates”)

Continuously raising minimum
wages encourages those making minimum wage to be satisfied with it,
makes them content to be the least they can be, and takes away their
motivation to be more than they are, and to provide a better life for
their families, and perpetuates that lifestyle in their families for

public should

insure just wages for all its citizens, by law

Even though this is another
form of distribution which diminishes productivity – if the worker who works hard to produce makes the same wage as the worker who
is unproductive, the motivation to be a productive worker diminishes,
production suffers and the company is doomed to mediocrity or failure.

but “market forces”

determine what employers
to pay employees

Profit sharing and reward
for productive work, the more a worker produces, the more the company
makes, therefore company is motivated to pay the worker more to produce more, and the company and the economy flourishes.
It ain’t rocket science.

of Health Care

for all who need it :
public plan).

Even though it has been
proven world wide that universal healthcare leads to care rationing,
and substandard inferior care. People
in nations with universal health care who can afford it, regularly
leave their country for the United States where the quality of medical
care is second to none

Care Insurance

only for those who can afford it.
private plans).

United States has the highest quality of health care in the
Our system is just. Anyone who is in need of
emergency care will get it. They
cannot be turned away. As
with any other private enterprise, it is the competition that makes
quality continue to rise and keeps costs low, ultimately bringing
better quality care to far more people in need

Both sides
view themselves as champions fighting for liberty, freedom and justice,
but they have very different ideas as to whom to protect and from whom :

for ALL : (requiring

restraint of the rich and powerful)

You can’t prove a
vague baseless positive

for the rich and

: ( with as much

as possible)

You can’t disprove
a vague baseless negative

the proliferation of guns, because they end up so often killing innocent people.

Would take away the
protection of guns for themselves and for everyone even though they
know that the enemies who want to destroy them are already armed.

guns, because they enable even weak people the ability to threaten and
overpower large numbers of other people.

Embrace the right to own
guns to protect themselves, that includes protecting Liberals against
those who would do them harm, and because the right to bear arms is
granted in the United States Constitution


contrast between “liberals” & “conservatives

in the area
of international policy : :



in United Nations

the World Court

Even though the United
Nations is a corrupt entity with an anti-United States agenda, who
gives platforms to terrorist leaders to spew their violent anti-free
world zealotry

United Nations

of World Court

Because the United Nations is a
corrupt entity with an anti-United States agenda, who gives platforms
to terrorist leaders to spew their violent anti-free world zealotry

Do everything possible to achieve Peace, and settle for War only as a last resort

Do not realize and have not
learned despite the lessons of history, that waiting for the enemy to strike first, and waiting to strike only as a last resort is too often
deadly for many Americans. The lessons of December 7, 1941 at Pearl Harbor and September 11, 2001 at
the World Trade Center

View waging War as proof of patriotism, manhood, etc., and Peace as proof of

Understand the lessons of
December 7, 1941 at Pearl Harbor and September 11, 2001 at the World
Trade Center, and understand that a foreign policy of appeasement with
enemies whose sworn duty to their god is to destroy our nation is cowardice which only angers those enemies more and emboldens them to strike.



and are ashamed of our great nation, and are enamored with the tragic
failed policies of Marxism, Socialism and Communism

that The United States is the greatest nation in the history of the
planet, and know that no nation has done more good for more people
globally than any other nation. Are
proud of our nation and remain resolute in preserving our freedom from
Marxism, Socialism, and Communism, the freedom that was won through the
sacrifice, blood and tears, and lives of our fathers.
And will fight to the death to preserve the
Constitution, to protect our nation and protect ALL of her people
– including Liberals.

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Unequal Outrage: What’s Good For The Pastor Is Good For The Imam

September 8th, 2010 by Ted Silberstein

First, to get it out of the way up front, Pastor Terry Jones and his 50 member Dumb World Outreach Center are a lunatic fringe cult whose plan to hold a Koran burning party on the anniversary of 9/11 is clearly intended to invite and incite hatred from the Muslim world. As if the Muslim world could hate the American culture any more than they already do. But now for the having said that…

There is no dispute that both kooks, Pastor Jones who wants to burn Korans, and his radical counterpart Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf who wants to build the Ground Zero mosque have the legal right to do it. The intent and purpose for either is the big question. Most American people, at least those with our feet on the ground, realize that the intent and purpose of the Cordoba mosque near Ground Zero is to carry out the historical custom of Islam to build a monument to what it considers its bloody conquest over its enemies. Jones’ plan likewise is to reciprocate by striking the symbolic blow of offending Islam.

But what is increasingly frustrating to most Americans is how Jones’ plan no matter how ugly, only further exposes the inequity of outrage from our leaders, that while it has become completely off limits to offend Muslims, it is open season and fair game for Muslims to offend everyone and anyone in the world, in this case the families of America’s victims of 9/11 with the Cordoba mosque near Ground Zero. What is incomprehensible is how the Leftist leaders of the United States and leaders from around the world have shamefully allowed themselves to play into this Muslim game.

The White House, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Attorney General Eric Holder and even the Vatican have weighed in, strongly though rightly condemning Pastor Jones for his Koran burning event because of its potential to provoke and incite Muslims. And don’t forget Speaker Nancy McCarthy Pelosi who gives the Cordoba mosque a free pass, but wants those who speak out against it investigated. Yet these heads of state who are so quick to condemn Pastor Jones, have stood virtually mute, refusing to condemn Imam Rauf and his plan to build his Cordoba mosque on the graves of the victims of 9/11. As Sen. Barry Goldwater (R) Arizona said, “The winds of appeasement blow from the left.”

Then there’s, New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg who has backed the right of Imam Rauf to build his Cordoba mosque, also backs the right of Pastor Jones to hold his Koran burning. In a strange way, Mayor Bloomberg is somewhat of a political, albeit unfunny Don Rickles, encouraging everyone to offend everyone, even appearing on Letterman trying to drum up a laugh about it. Mayor Bloomberg may be a buffoon, but at least he’s consistent.

Perhaps the sanest and most heartfelt objection to the Koran burning comes from General David Petraeus, who is responsible for managing America’s military mission in Afghanistan. General Petraeus has perhaps the truest conundrum of anyone. Talk about stuck between Iraq and a hard place. As the Commander of United States Forces in Afghanistan there is no doubt that he would rather do anything than cow tow to either the “we can’t offend the Muslims” crowd or to America’s enemies. But his bigger and more understandable worry is that Pastor Jones’ Koran burning will evoke such outrage within the Muslim world that it will cost the lives of our American troops and potentially American civilians anywhere in the world at the hands of Islamic extremists.

Pastor Terry Jones’ and his Dumb World Outreach Center lunatics’ plan to hold a Koran burning event on September 11 is atrocious to be sure, but in the end it is no more insensitive to Muslims than Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s plan to build a mosque near our hallowed Ground Zero is insensitive to the victims of 9/11. The failure of our Leftist leaders to condemn the Cordoba mosque at least equally as loudly as they have condemned the Koran burning is the disgrace.

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