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The Obama Dog & Pony Show

February 25th, 2010 by Rich Szabo

The only thing the BO Show or “Health Care Summit” is showing so far is Obamas’ clueless arrogance.

Democrats: about 74 minutes Republicans: about 37 minutes. One third time Democrats, One third time Republicans, One third time Obama. I guess he doesn’t count as a Democrat. The reason why Obama’s speaking time doesn’t count is because, when he talks he is not saying anything. Please understand that the President needs more time than others, because he’s new.

Obama is looking really, really bad. The Republicans came to the meeting prepared. Obama is trying to wing but he can’t carry it off because he left his teleprompter home.

Barry is taking a page out of Sales 101: When you are selling a great product it will sell itself and requires minimal presentation. Present your product and let it sell itself. When your product is sub par it requires longer presentation filled with bells and whistles and other distractions. The distractions allow you to make an easy close because the buyer is overwhelmed by the presentation.

Even though they’ve gotten half the time, the Republicans have put forth an incredibly well prepared front. They shot down Baucus when he claimed healthcare savings accounts were in the Dem’s bill. Republicans pointed out by page number just how much the bill eliminates many of the benefits currently enjoyed by those with healthcare savings accounts. Obama had to quickly come to the Dem’s rescue and forbid the Republicans from actually pointing out the facts of what is hidden in this 2,500 page piece o’ pooh! If you support it you shouldn’t be afraid to have it made public. Unless of course there is something you don’t want the American public to know, which appears to be the case.

Every time someone tried to discuss problems with the bill, Obama would interrupt and say “we are here to discuss what we agree on not what we don’t like”. That’s not open dialogue. That’s driving the conversation your way.

Lamar Alexander was paraphrasing from a recent CBO report. After, Odumbo lied and claimed Alexander was wrong, the Republicans actually started reading verbatim the CBO report, which proved Alexander was right and Obama was wrong. It really made Barry look like the pathetic liar that he is.

“I’m pretty certain I’m not wrong.” said Obama. Pretty certain isn’t good when you’re dealing with $1 Trillion dollars. But then again it’s not his money.

The estimate from the CBO specifically shows that premiums will increase by 10-13% by 2016. Pardon Sen. Alexander for stating clear, concise facts.

If they are so sure about this Bill then why are they so apprehensive and dominating the allotted time to speak? If anything the Republican’s should be speaking more because they are not the one’s who wrote the bill, after all it was the Democrats. If you are truly sure about something, you shouldn’t have to be defending constantly, you should be listening and clarifying all doubts. Instead they are dominating time and not allowing the other side to talk and bring up their views.

Obama’s Show and Tell isn’t working out the way he planned, because the Democrats are showing way too much, and their lies and tactics are so telling. What happens when you televise corrupt Democrats on TV? You get to see it!

The Republicans have sat down at a crooked poker table run by a master Mississippi Riverboat gambler named Obama. He’s already insulted John McCain, dealt the Republicans half the speaking time, and patronized everyone on the opposite side of the table. He and his band of rogues are going to ram his bill through next week anyway.

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Killer Whale Attack at SeaWorld

February 25th, 2010 by Rich Szabo

Investigators have NO IDEA why the KILLER whale KILLED the trainer at SeaWorld. Although the KILLER whale has been involved in TWO OTHER DEATHS. While this is very sad for the family and friends of the trainer…No Idea? Really? Just take a guess?…. C’mon take a stab.

Humans are so arrogant as to believe we can control nature, we assume these animals are happy because they do fun tricks for food. Hell, I do tricks for food and money, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t rather be in the ocean with my friends, In fact I know I would.

“They are piecing together information, so that this doesnt happen again”……Um… Don’t play with Killer Whales.

I would recommend the same for Tigers, Grizzly Bears, Rhinos and Sharks. Please note; that this is only a small list of animals I do not recommend playing with or even going near, please do not take me to mean that animals not mentioned here should be played with.

Ok I know I’m responding to myself here, But I think I have the solution:

We need Warning Labels on Killer Whales! I’m calling my Senators and Congressmen right now!

Killer Whale Warning

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