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Born in the USA?: Yawn

April 16th, 2011 by Ted Silberstein

Trying to deflect Donald Trump’s Sheen-esque “violent torpedoes of truth” regarding his birth certificate, Barack Obama told ABC News that Republicans will only be hurting themselves by continuing to raise the question of whether he was born in the United States.  While I’m not sure how much the Republicans would be hurting themselves, it is certainly is a colossal waste of time.

The question is not whether Barack Obama was born in the United States but rather what do all those who invest so much time, energy and emotion in the issue, believe would be accomplished by proving he wasn’t.  If conclusive evidence along with the smoking gun is found proving that Obama was not born in the United States, do these folks believe that Obama would be removed from office?  I have said all along that even if it was proved that Obama was not born in the United States, there is no mechanism in place, nor would any agency such as the FBI, CIA, the military, et al, forcibly remove him from office.  

No, all this would do is to provide La-Liberal-Cosa Nostra with yet another opportunity to attack the Constitution.  You can already hear the liberal drum beat and war chant about how the Constitution is an antiquated worn out relic written over 200 years ago by its framers who in their day could not have envisioned the melting pot that America would one day become, and that the Constitution long ago ceased being representative of the population of today’s America, and it should be balled up and dropped in the nearest confetti shredder, blah blah, so on and so on, ad nauseum.  Accordingly, in order to save Obama, the first item that would have to go in this latest liberal salvo would be that pesky little eligibility requirement that a presidential candidate must be born in the United States.  In the minds of liberals, the fact that something is written in the Constitution does not make it Constitutional.  Say what? [Insert eye roll and head shake here].  But I digress.

So what then is the most that could be expected by proving Obama was not born in the United States?  Drum roll please… a big fat court case.  Does it get any more boring and anticlimactic than that?  Yes a court case, that would drag on and on, and maybe sometime by the year, oh say 2525 when your arms are hangin’ limp at your side, it might, that is might just get to some trial docket somewhere.  Even on the outside chance that Obama is re-elected, he would be long gone from office before any action could come to bear.  Therefore the entire issue is moot.  Yes there is the possibility that this episode might result in more thorough vetting of future presidential candidates to make them prove their eligibility before an election.  In the trail blazing State of Arizona, a bill that would make Arizona the first state to require presidential candidates to prove they were born in the U.S. in order to get on the state ballot has cleared the Legislature, and is waiting for Gov. Jan Brewer to sign.      

Personally, I believe that Obama was not born in the United States if only because if he was, he could easily put the entire matter to rest by providing a birth certificate, not just the certificate of live birth which is not the same thing.  But he has not.  Is it because he won’t, or even more disconcerting – because he can’t?  Regardless, I am simply not able to invest the same emotion as others in this issue because I say again, even if it were proved that Obama was not born in the United States, he would never be removed from office because of it.  He would simply go down in history as little more than a trivia factoid, a mere final Jeopardy question in the category, “Famous Magicians,” the final Jeopardy question:  He was the only President in history to fool enough Americans into electing him despite the fact that he was Constitutionally ineligible:  Who was Barack Obama!  Mahalo and Aloha Alex! 


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