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October 31st, 2009 by Rich Szabo

The White House on Friday released a small list of visitors to the White House since President Barack Obama took office in January, including lobbyists, business executives, activists and celebrities. Under the Obama White House’s policy, most names of visitors from Inauguration Day in January through the end of September will never be released. However, the Whitehouse Blog is saying that releasing this small list “marks a major milestone in government transparency–and an important lesson in the unintended consequences of such vigorous disclosure.” “Transparency like you’ve never seen before”. read the entire blog entry here:

Give me a break! This is the most non-transparent administration to hit Washington since Richard Nixon. The only thing transparent about this administration is the lying about being transparent. Even MSNBC has called them out on it.

So why are they not releasing the entire visitor log even though two Federal Courts have ordered them to? What could Barry and Da Boyz be hiding? Hmmm…. I’ll leave that for you to think about.

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October 28th, 2009 by Eddie Severn

This came to me from the UK. The ease with which it was edited to fit the US speaks volumes about the state of the world we all live in.


The squirrel works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building and improving his house and laying up supplies for the winter.

The grasshopper thinks he’s a fool, and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.

Come winter, the squirrel is warm and well fed.

The shivering grasshopper has no food or shelter, so he dies out in the cold.



The squirrel works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter.

The grasshopper thinks he’s a fool, and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.

Come winter, the squirrel is warm and well fed.

A social worker finds the shivering grasshopper, calls a press conference and demands to know why the squirrel should be allowed to be warm and well fed while others less fortunate, like the grasshopper, are cold and starving.

CNN, MSNBC and ABC news show up to provide live coverage of the shivering grasshopper; with cuts to a video of the squirrel in his comfortable warm home with a table laden with food.

The mainstream media inform people that they should be ashamed that in a country of such wealth, this poor grasshopper is allowed to suffer so, while others have plenty.

The ACLU, Greenpeace, Animal Rights and The Grasshopper Council of USA demonstrate in front of the squirrel’s house.

CNN, MSNBC and ABC news, interrupting a cultural festival special from San Fransisco with breaking news, broadcasts a multi cultural choir singing “We Shall Overcome”.

Nancy Pelosi rants in an interview with The Huffington Post that the squirrel got rich off the backs of grasshoppers, and calls for an immediate tax hike on the squirrel to make him pay his “fair share” and increases the charge for squirrels to enter New York City.

In response to pressure from the media, the Government drafts the Economic Equity and Grasshopper Anti Discrimination Act, retroactive to the beginning of the summer.

The squirrel’s taxes are reassessed.

He is taken to court and fined for failing to hire grasshoppers as builders for the work he was doing on his home and an additional fine for contempt when he told the court the grasshopper did not want to work.

The grasshopper is provided with a public housing, financial aid to furnish it and an account with a local taxi firm to ensure he can be socially mobile. The squirrel’s food is seized and re distributed to the more needy members of society, in this case the grasshopper.

Without enough money to buy more food, to pay the fine and his newly imposed retroactive taxes, the squirrel has to downsize and start building a new home.

The city takes over his old home and utilises it as a temporary home for asylum seeking cats who had hijacked a plane to get to the USA as they had to share their country of origin with mice. On arrival they tried to blow up the airport because of the US’s apparent love of dogs.

The cats had been arrested for the international offence of hijacking and attempted bombing but were immediately released because the police fed them pilchards instead of salmon whilst in custody.

Initial moves to then return them to their own country were abandoned because it was feared they would face death by the mice. The cats devise and start a scam to obtain money from people’s credit cards.

A CNN special shows the grasshopper finishing up the last of the squirrel’s food, though spring is still months away, while the council house he is in, crumbles around him because he hasn’t bothered to maintain the house.

He is shown to be taking drugs. Inadequate government funding is blamed for the grasshopper’s drug ‘illness’.

The cats seek recompense in the supreme court for their treatment since arrival in USA.

The grasshopper gets arrested for stabbing an old dog during a burglary to get money for his drugs habit. He is imprisoned but released immediately because he has been in custody for a few weeks.

He is placed in the care of the probation service to monitor and supervise him. Within a few weeks he has killed a guinea pig in a botched robbery.

A commission of enquiry, that will eventually cost $100,000,000 and state the obvious, is set up.

Additional money is put into funding a drug rehabilitation scheme for grasshoppers and legal aid for lawyers representing asylum seekers is increased.

The asylum-seeking cats are praised by the government for enriching the USA’s multicultural diversity and dogs are criticised by the government for failing to befriend the cats.

The grasshopper dies of a drug overdose. The usual sections of the press blame it on the obvious failure of government to address the root causes of despair arising from social inequity and his traumatic experience of prison.

They call for the resignation of a senator.

The cats are paid a million pounds each because their rights were infringed when the government failed to inform them there were mice in the United States.

The squirrel, the dogs and the victims of the hijacking, the bombing, the burglaries and robberies have to pay an additional percentage on their credit cards to cover losses, their taxes are increased to pay for law and order and they are told that they will have to work beyond 65 because of a shortfall in government funds.


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The Obama Deception

October 25th, 2009 by Rich Szabo

This video is a must watch! It really delves into WHY Obama is such an empty suit and a danger to this country.

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Peace Prize Not Worth The Fight

October 21st, 2009 by Ted Silberstein

I just read a column entitled Peace prize not worth the fight printed in the Daily Commercial (Leesburg, Florida) and I had to laugh. There I was all ready to take him to task until I finished the column and found that other than the word fight appearing in its title, he never really claimed that conservatives have mounted an actual fight over Obama’s Nobel Prize, and that more likely than not, the column was meant in humor. Ya got me!

Yes, conservatives have certainly been abuzz with their opinions about Obama’s Noble prize being an empty award, but no one has actually considered it to be enough of blip on anyone’s radar to actually fight it or mount an effort to have it withdrawn and such. In fact many liberals and even Obama himself have not denied that they find themselves equally bewildered at the award. To that end, I do think it’s a bit unfair to classify the bewilderment at Obama’s prize as “conniptions by the right-wing crank community” without taking an equal look at the conniptions of the “left-wing crank community.” Let us look the history of the past few weeks for some comparisons and see just who has been having the conniptions.

When Joe Wilson blurted out his “liar” comment during the President’s speech, didn’t the left-wing crank community go berserk? To be sure, Wilson’s shouting out “liar” during the speech was clearly disrespectful and violated the decorum that should be afforded any president during an address to the nation, though I suppose if he had shouted the words “that’s not true” it wouldn’t have raised much of an eyebrow. Those words essentially say the same thing as “liar,” but the word “liar” is admittedly a far more personal characterization, and is out of line. But at least Wilson quickly apologized.

Yet despite Wilson’s apology the democrats/liberals actually took up congress’ time and energy, seeking formal resolutions and censures – an actual formal, official, organized left-wing partisan movement in congress over what amounted to nothing more than a single split second inappropriate rude comment.

Ah, but then came Alan Grayson and his incendiary comments about Republicans “wanting you to die quickly,” and comparing healthcare in America to the Holocaust. And not only did Grayson refuse to apologize, he has continued with one more despicable comment after another, day after day. When asked if the Republican’s intended to seek the same kind of censures for Grayson as the Democrats did for Wilson, the Republican leadership said no, and other than a few head shakes and eye rolls, just shrugged off Grayson and his self marginalizing oral flatulence with barely a nod.

Given the partisan reactions to both the Wilson and Grayson episodes I would ask you which party behaved like the “crank community having conniptions?”

Now having said all this, you probably think I’m sitting here doing my version of a victorious NFL end zone celebration having just pinned Reg Henry with my dazzling display of “Gotcha.” Worry not Reg, I’m not that naive either. When it comes to political hypocrisy, I’m well aware that neither party has the corner on that market over the other, the tradition is grand on the part of both Democrats and Republicans, and liberals and conservatives. At best, this little “gotcha” of mine probably doesn’t even make the greatest hits album – it’s simply current.

What this humorous article does do though is further illustrate that the ever widening schism between liberal and conservative ideology will not soon close. To this end, for your enjoyment I’d like to share with you my own humorous Mythical Proposition from Conservatives to Liberals. It’s just a little something I started awhile ago, that I keep up dating from time to time. Yes it has a conservative slant, guilty as charged, but that’s because I’m a conservative, but that shouldn’t stop a liberal from enjoying it too.

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Stripping The Good Sheriff Of His ICE Authority

October 8th, 2009 by Kenneth Brady

Stripping the good sheriff Joe Arpaio of his ICE authority makes perfectly good sense.

Joe Arpaio

The way the health care bill was written, illegal aliens were not specifically “excluded”, therefore, under federal law and several court decisions, they are automatically included. When Obama stated that the health care bill did not even mention illegal aliens, he stated the absolute truth. It did not mention them in way, shape or form.

If your plan is to convert 90% of a group into Democrats, what better way is there then to give them health care, then give them amnesty, and then argue in a liberal court that they deserve to have a vote, even if they are not citizens, because the system is disenfranchising them.

If you recall, ACORN and some other groups in San Francisco were signing up non-citizens on voter registration drives, and when the Republicans asked that voters have to show identification, there was hell to pay because they were being racist and trying to suppress the vote.

Personally, I am waiting for some liberal federal judge to decide that illegals have MORE right to vote than I do because as a white male of European descent, I am assumed to be racist, and therefore, unworthy to vote. My vote should be reduced to a half vote. In this way, the illegals can take over and justice can be served. They can also increase my taxes to pay for the slavery reparations.


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October 8th, 2009 by Rich Szabo

The United States Supreme Court has begun hearing a case on whether a memorial cross honoring First World War soldiers violates the American constitution.

Mojave Cross  in Mojave National Preserve, California
Mojave Cross in Mojave National Preserve, California

The cross – in California – has been covered up in recent years following federal court rulings that it amounts to government endorsement of religion which is prohibited by the constitution.

Mojave Cross in recent years

Some campaigners want the memorial removed because they say it favours Christianity over other religions.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars put the cross on public land more than 70 years ago in the Mojave National Preserve as a memorial to fallen World War One service members.

The cross was covered in recent years after a federal court ruled it violates the Constitution’s First Amendment, which prohibits government endorsement of religion.

Congress previously intervened in the case by designating the cross as a national memorial. Lawmakers also passed legislation to transfer the desert land where the cross is located to private ownership in an attempt to resolve the issue — but a court objected to that move.

The VFW and other veterans groups contend that if the Supreme Court rules against the cross, bulldozers across the country will soon be annihilating other war memorials, such as Arlington National Cemetery’s Argonne Cross Memorial and Canadian Cross of Sacrifice, as well as crosses on headstones and elsewhere.

If the ACLU is correct — if the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is correct — then the crosses that stand on Arlington Cemetery … must be torn down as well. And that is an extreme and radical view, and it is not consistent with the Constitution of the United States.

Where does it stop?

If the ACLU wins this one, they’re going to go after all these monuments including Arlington and Gettysburg. The ACLU has declared ‘War on America’.

Religious symbols like the cross were part of normal life for America’s Founding Fathers, who believed that morality should be nurtured by government.

The founders believed that without a moral citizenry, they would not be able to sustain a self-governing republic. The notion that you could get a moral citizenry without reliance on religion was preposterous.

These may be next if the ACLU gets its’ way:

Canadian Cross
The Memorial Amphitheater (left) and the Canadian Cross of Sacrifice Monument (right) in Arlington.

Sullivan Masoleum
Sullivan Masoluem in Section 1 at Arlington National Cemetery.

Fort Myer Chapel
Government issued headstones in Section 13 with Fort Myer chapel in the background.

Arlington National Cemetary
Various memorials in Section 1 of Arlington

Space Shuttle Memorial
Memorials to the Space Shuttle Challenger (left) and the Iran Hostage Rescue Mission (right).

142 Penn Inf Cross at Gettysburg
142 Penn Inf Cross at Gettysburg

Celtic Cross in Gettysburg
Along the drive around the Wheatfield, we found a gorgeous Celtic cross

Irish Cross in Gettysburg
Irish Cross in Gettysburg National Military Park, Gettysburg, PA

Washington Memorial Chapel - Valley Forge
Valley Forge: Washington Memorial Chapel – Altar and Cross

Fort McCord Monument
Ft McCord monument near Chambersburg PA

Antetum Monument
20th New York Infantry monument by Dunker Church. The 20th was part of the early afternoon attack which pushed the confederates back to the West Woods but they were unable to hold the ground they gained. The 20th also has another monument in the Antetum National Cemetery.

Cival War Monument - Minneapolis
The Civil War monument at the west end of Summit Avenue in Saint Paul. Downtown Minneapolis lies beyond the Mississippi.

Yosemite Valley Chapel
The Yosemite Valley Chapel is a place where worship, teaching and weddings for residents and visitors have occured during the past 130 years. The church is located in the center of Yosemite National Park, California.

Great Smokey Mountains National Park
Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee and North Carolina

Glacier National Park
In Glacier National Park

Grand Teton National Park
The Episcopal-run, but nondenominational, Church of the Transfiguration in the Grand Tetons provides solace for travelers.

National Cathedral

The Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in the City and Diocese of Washington, known as the Washington National Cathedral, is an Episcopal cathedral in Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States. It is a listed monument on the National Register of Historic Places and the designated “National House of Prayer” of the United States.

National Cathedral

In 2007, it was voted one of the three most beautiful buildings in the United States in a survey by the American Institute of Architects.

National Cathedral

The cathedral was built by the Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation under a charter granted by Congress on January 6, 1893. Construction began in 1907, when the foundation stone was laid in the presence of President Theodore Roosevelt, and lasted for 83 years; the last finial was placed in the presence of President George H. W. Bush in 1990. The Foundation operates and funds the cathedral, which does not receive any federal or local government funding.

When will it end?

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October 7th, 2009 by Rich Szabo

Everybody KNEW this was going to happen. This way Barry wasn’t lying when he said illegals would not be able to get medical coverage under his ObamaCare plan. His simple fix is to make them all legal first.



This 2-minute video should be mandatory viewing for every US citizen. If you have never passed anything on before, pass this on! Every American should be outraged!

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October 7th, 2009 by Rich Szabo

I recently sent our Congressjerk Paul Kanjerkski an email asking a very simple yes or no question. The question I posed was “Do you feel that Congress should be required to accept the same health insurance plans you are proposing for the public?” Here is the response I received today:

Paul Kanjorski

October 7, 2009

Mr. Richard Szabo

Dear Mr. Szabo:

Thank you for informing me of your support for requiring Members of Congress to join the public health insurance option if health care reform legislation becomes law. I appreciated hearing from you on this important issue.

Obtaining health insurance at an affordable price has increasingly become a major concern for many American families. From my perspective, health care costs for everyone will decrease when everyone has health insurance. Too many of the estimated 47 million Americans without insurance rely on trips to the emergency room when they are very sick rather than see a doctor routinely to stay well. Despite our lack of universal coverage, Americans spend more per capita on health care than any other major industrialized nation. Approximately 17% of our Gross Domestic Product is spent on health care, or about $2.5 trillion each year.

The expense of providing health insurance benefits to workers has become one of the most pressing concerns for employers. Small businesses especially struggle to provide health insurance for their employees, and we should work to make this coverage more affordable. Small businesses currently employ about half of working Americans, yet an estimated 27 million of the 47 million uninsured Americans are small business owners and their employees.

We must also work to ensure that Medicare continues to provide seniors and the disabled with comprehensive care, while making minor adjustments to the program. I believe that seniors should receive a streamlined, affordable prescription drug benefit directly through Medicare just as they do for traditional hospital and physician coverage. In addition, we should work to eliminate the coverage gap in the program, known as the “donut hole”. Medicare should also be able to negotiate with drug companies for better prices the way the VA currently does. These changes would help bring down costs for seniors.

As you may know, the Congress is currently considering legislation to reform our health care system. In the House of Representatives, Congressman John Dingell of Michigan introduced H.R. 3200, the America’s Affordable Health Choices Act on July 14, 2009. Among its many provisions, this legislation would make reforms to insurance coverage like requiring insurers to provide coverage for pre-existing conditions; would create a voluntary government-run insurance plan; would establish a health insurance exchange to provide information about plans available in a certain area; and would improve the Medicare prescription drug program by closing the donut hole.

The three committees of jurisdiction have reviewed H.R. 3200 and each committee has made changes to it. These changes will ultimately have to be reconciled into one bill before the House of Representatives can vote on it. Please know that I am currently reviewing H.R. 3200 and the changes proposed by these committees.

In addition, committees in the Senate are also crafting health care reform legislation which differs significantly from H.R. 3200. As a result, members from the House and Senate will likely have to engage in a conference committee to resolve any differences between a House-passed bill and a Senate-passed bill. I expect that any bill which reaches the President’s desk for signature will be significantly different from the legislation introduced in the House of Representatives.

As you may know, there is much confusion about the health care reform legislation. In order to provide individuals with accurate information, I have posted documents about H.R. 3200 on my website at In addition, I recently held a telephone town meeting about health care reform and the audio recording of this meeting is also available on my website. I hope you will review this information and continue to share your thoughts on this matter.

Again, thank you for contacting me. Please feel free to call, write or email me again on this or any issue that concerns you.


Paul E. Kanjorski
Member of Congress

I cannot guarantee the integrity of the text of this letter if it was not sent to you directly from my Congressional Email Account: If you have any questions about the validity of this message, please call my Washington, DC office at: 202-225-6511. Please note, this mailbox is unattended. Please do not reply. If you wish to email me again, please click on–”Contact Me“.

So where is the simple “yes” or “no” answer? Hmmmmm?

This guy is a good soldier and following all the talking points. Never ANSERING a question. I’m disgusted!

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October 4th, 2009 by Ted Silberstein

In the spirit of getting along with the Liberals, the Left, the Democrats, whatever you call them, on behalf of Conservatives, the Right, the Republicans, I offer this Mythical proposition:

You seem to believe that we are the ugly America, responsible for the disdain that so many nations and cultures around the world have toward us.  You seem to believe that it is our responsibility to make the first grand gesture to reach out to these cultures and plead guilty for all our mistakes and pledge as Mr. Obama has done on his global mission apologizing for America, to be a more understanding America, and that we should demonstrate the spirit of this new America by laying our nation open by dismantling our military defenses, missile defenses, throwing open our borders to any and all.   You believe that we must not only discontinue the tough interrogation methods on our enemies, which even at its harshest pale by comparison to the horror and barbarism of the methods used by our enemies against American captives, we should even prosecute our intelligence operatives for using them during a time of war.  You seem to believe that only in this way can we change the image of America in the eyes of our enemies and be embraced and beloved by those cultures who now hate America.   

Very well then, here’s the proposition:  

We, the Conservatives, the Right, the Republicans whatever you call us, agree to try it your way first.  We agree to support the wishes of the Liberals, the Left, the Democrats and support America being the first to blink, to make the first grand gesture to reach out to all those who hate everything America stands for and who believe it is their duty to their god to cut our throats and the throats of our children; and promise to be a better more understanding America, accepting of our enemy’s ideologies; to disarm our national defenses and to fling open our borders without restriction; never to use interrogation techniques against our enemy combatants which offend your sense of morality; and when American citizens are kidnapped in the Mideast, like the three wayward journalism activists who recently wandered into Iran and got themselves captured – do these people ever pick up a paper or even listen to their NPR (National Public-Option Radio?) and know where it might not be a good place to go hiking these days, these activists who probably regularly denounce our military as criminals, but who are now no doubt praying for our military to save them from beheading, yes instead of using military operations to rescue these hippie-crites from the beheaders we’ll send – Greenpeace!   Yes we will agree to support all of this. 

In return, You, the Liberals, the Left, the Democrats shall agree that when after we extend our open arms in these ways to the cultures who are committed to our extinction, AND IT FAILS, when after America makes this first grand gesture of open arms, open minds and open borders, and these cultures still tell America to go take a flying roll in a donut, which they will and we will know it very quickly [Footnote:  Despite the fact that he as already reached out to the world in exactly all of these ways, again the Taliban called Obama their number one enemy, Bin Laden again called Obama weak; Zawahri called Obama a fraud, Ghadafi called Obama his son; Armageddonjahd again denied the Holocaust and got caught red handed building a nuclear weapons plant and called Obama’s sanctions over Iran’s nuclear program “annoying flies,” and Kim Jong Mentally ill attacked U.S. ally South Korea and vowed to would retaliate “1000 fold” if we dare to defend her  - so how’s that worked out for us so far?];

You, the Liberals, the Left, the Democrats, yes when it fails, and if we are lucky enough to still be alive when it does, You shall agree to accept the fact that we gave it a try, and be satisfied knowing that America took the moral high road and tried it your way and we were still despised.  You shall now agree to support the wishes of the Conservatives, the Right, the Republicans and support strengthening our military, enhancing not abandoning our missile defense systems, closing and securing our borders, beginning the deportation of the millions of illegal immigrants in America BEFORE Mr. Obama invokes abracadabra amnesty granting them all legal status so he won’t be lying when he says his healthcare bill won’t cover illegal immigrants – because they will have all been made legal (remember Michelle’s first big quote after the election, since parroted by Obama himself and Janet Incompetano and the rest of the liberal world – we must provide a “pathway to citizenship” for all illegal immigrants in this country– We do?); you will support a 10 year moratorium on even legal immigration, and you will support the interrogation tactics necessary to save innocent American lives – including yours. 

Although we may disagree with many of Mr. Obama’s solutions, he is our President and we do not accept his being made a fool of by thug leaders of thug nations,  Therefore you also agree to support that the second any of our known aggressors tees up a rocket of any kind or gets caught red handed building a nuclear weapons facility, especially in the very midst of our President’s speeches in front of the world warning them not to, as has now happened at least thrice, we get to take them out in a star spangled blaze of glory.

Finally, both parties agree not to discuss the Nobel Prize because frankly nobody, including Mr. Obama by his own admission seems to be able to find anything he has accomplished to discuss.

Do we have an agreement?

Addendum 1 – Do we have an agreement? is a Yes or No question calling for a Yes or No answer, and a 20 minute bashing of George Bush (normally the only way liberals know how to answer any question) IS NOT a Yes or No answer!   

Addendum 2 –   The reason this is a Mythical proposition of course is because we would never ever in our right minds ever agree to try it your way first because if we did none of us might be left alive to try it our way

Addendum 3 – When it comes to the sewage bilge pump otherwise known as Congressman Alan disGrayson’s mouth (I’m appalled that he was ever elected my congressman): 

(a)  I point out to him that when Obama’s healthcare overlords decided that early cancer detecting mammograms should not be conducted at the age of 40 but should be delayed until after the age of 50, it seems to us that it is the Democrats who want the women of America to “die and die quickly”

(b)  If he doesn’t see the reason why comparing healthcare in America to the Holocaust is so repugnant, I have 6 Million reasons for him!

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