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October 4th, 2009 by Ted Silberstein

In the spirit of getting along with the Liberals, the Left, the Democrats, whatever you call them, on behalf of Conservatives, the Right, the Republicans, I offer this Mythical proposition:

You seem to believe that we are the ugly America, responsible for the disdain that so many nations and cultures around the world have toward us.  You seem to believe that it is our responsibility to make the first grand gesture to reach out to these cultures and plead guilty for all our mistakes and pledge as Mr. Obama has done on his global mission apologizing for America, to be a more understanding America, and that we should demonstrate the spirit of this new America by laying our nation open by dismantling our military defenses, missile defenses, throwing open our borders to any and all.   You believe that we must not only discontinue the tough interrogation methods on our enemies, which even at its harshest pale by comparison to the horror and barbarism of the methods used by our enemies against American captives, we should even prosecute our intelligence operatives for using them during a time of war.  You seem to believe that only in this way can we change the image of America in the eyes of our enemies and be embraced and beloved by those cultures who now hate America.   

Very well then, here’s the proposition:  

We, the Conservatives, the Right, the Republicans whatever you call us, agree to try it your way first.  We agree to support the wishes of the Liberals, the Left, the Democrats and support America being the first to blink, to make the first grand gesture to reach out to all those who hate everything America stands for and who believe it is their duty to their god to cut our throats and the throats of our children; and promise to be a better more understanding America, accepting of our enemy’s ideologies; to disarm our national defenses and to fling open our borders without restriction; never to use interrogation techniques against our enemy combatants which offend your sense of morality; and when American citizens are kidnapped in the Mideast, like the three wayward journalism activists who recently wandered into Iran and got themselves captured – do these people ever pick up a paper or even listen to their NPR (National Public-Option Radio?) and know where it might not be a good place to go hiking these days, these activists who probably regularly denounce our military as criminals, but who are now no doubt praying for our military to save them from beheading, yes instead of using military operations to rescue these hippie-crites from the beheaders we’ll send – Greenpeace!   Yes we will agree to support all of this. 

In return, You, the Liberals, the Left, the Democrats shall agree that when after we extend our open arms in these ways to the cultures who are committed to our extinction, AND IT FAILS, when after America makes this first grand gesture of open arms, open minds and open borders, and these cultures still tell America to go take a flying roll in a donut, which they will and we will know it very quickly [Footnote:  Despite the fact that he as already reached out to the world in exactly all of these ways, again the Taliban called Obama their number one enemy, Bin Laden again called Obama weak; Zawahri called Obama a fraud, Ghadafi called Obama his son; Armageddonjahd again denied the Holocaust and got caught red handed building a nuclear weapons plant and called Obama’s sanctions over Iran’s nuclear program “annoying flies,” and Kim Jong Mentally ill attacked U.S. ally South Korea and vowed to would retaliate “1000 fold” if we dare to defend her  - so how’s that worked out for us so far?];

You, the Liberals, the Left, the Democrats, yes when it fails, and if we are lucky enough to still be alive when it does, You shall agree to accept the fact that we gave it a try, and be satisfied knowing that America took the moral high road and tried it your way and we were still despised.  You shall now agree to support the wishes of the Conservatives, the Right, the Republicans and support strengthening our military, enhancing not abandoning our missile defense systems, closing and securing our borders, beginning the deportation of the millions of illegal immigrants in America BEFORE Mr. Obama invokes abracadabra amnesty granting them all legal status so he won’t be lying when he says his healthcare bill won’t cover illegal immigrants – because they will have all been made legal (remember Michelle’s first big quote after the election, since parroted by Obama himself and Janet Incompetano and the rest of the liberal world – we must provide a “pathway to citizenship” for all illegal immigrants in this country– We do?); you will support a 10 year moratorium on even legal immigration, and you will support the interrogation tactics necessary to save innocent American lives – including yours. 

Although we may disagree with many of Mr. Obama’s solutions, he is our President and we do not accept his being made a fool of by thug leaders of thug nations,  Therefore you also agree to support that the second any of our known aggressors tees up a rocket of any kind or gets caught red handed building a nuclear weapons facility, especially in the very midst of our President’s speeches in front of the world warning them not to, as has now happened at least thrice, we get to take them out in a star spangled blaze of glory.

Finally, both parties agree not to discuss the Nobel Prize because frankly nobody, including Mr. Obama by his own admission seems to be able to find anything he has accomplished to discuss.

Do we have an agreement?

Addendum 1 – Do we have an agreement? is a Yes or No question calling for a Yes or No answer, and a 20 minute bashing of George Bush (normally the only way liberals know how to answer any question) IS NOT a Yes or No answer!   

Addendum 2 –   The reason this is a Mythical proposition of course is because we would never ever in our right minds ever agree to try it your way first because if we did none of us might be left alive to try it our way

Addendum 3 – When it comes to the sewage bilge pump otherwise known as Congressman Alan disGrayson’s mouth (I’m appalled that he was ever elected my congressman): 

(a)  I point out to him that when Obama’s healthcare overlords decided that early cancer detecting mammograms should not be conducted at the age of 40 but should be delayed until after the age of 50, it seems to us that it is the Democrats who want the women of America to “die and die quickly”

(b)  If he doesn’t see the reason why comparing healthcare in America to the Holocaust is so repugnant, I have 6 Million reasons for him!

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