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Peace Prize Not Worth The Fight

October 21st, 2009 by Ted Silberstein

I just read a column entitled Peace prize not worth the fight printed in the Daily Commercial (Leesburg, Florida) and I had to laugh. There I was all ready to take him to task until I finished the column and found that other than the word fight appearing in its title, he never really claimed that conservatives have mounted an actual fight over Obama’s Nobel Prize, and that more likely than not, the column was meant in humor. Ya got me!

Yes, conservatives have certainly been abuzz with their opinions about Obama’s Noble prize being an empty award, but no one has actually considered it to be enough of blip on anyone’s radar to actually fight it or mount an effort to have it withdrawn and such. In fact many liberals and even Obama himself have not denied that they find themselves equally bewildered at the award. To that end, I do think it’s a bit unfair to classify the bewilderment at Obama’s prize as “conniptions by the right-wing crank community” without taking an equal look at the conniptions of the “left-wing crank community.” Let us look the history of the past few weeks for some comparisons and see just who has been having the conniptions.

When Joe Wilson blurted out his “liar” comment during the President’s speech, didn’t the left-wing crank community go berserk? To be sure, Wilson’s shouting out “liar” during the speech was clearly disrespectful and violated the decorum that should be afforded any president during an address to the nation, though I suppose if he had shouted the words “that’s not true” it wouldn’t have raised much of an eyebrow. Those words essentially say the same thing as “liar,” but the word “liar” is admittedly a far more personal characterization, and is out of line. But at least Wilson quickly apologized.

Yet despite Wilson’s apology the democrats/liberals actually took up congress’ time and energy, seeking formal resolutions and censures – an actual formal, official, organized left-wing partisan movement in congress over what amounted to nothing more than a single split second inappropriate rude comment.

Ah, but then came Alan Grayson and his incendiary comments about Republicans “wanting you to die quickly,” and comparing healthcare in America to the Holocaust. And not only did Grayson refuse to apologize, he has continued with one more despicable comment after another, day after day. When asked if the Republican’s intended to seek the same kind of censures for Grayson as the Democrats did for Wilson, the Republican leadership said no, and other than a few head shakes and eye rolls, just shrugged off Grayson and his self marginalizing oral flatulence with barely a nod.

Given the partisan reactions to both the Wilson and Grayson episodes I would ask you which party behaved like the “crank community having conniptions?”

Now having said all this, you probably think I’m sitting here doing my version of a victorious NFL end zone celebration having just pinned Reg Henry with my dazzling display of “Gotcha.” Worry not Reg, I’m not that naive either. When it comes to political hypocrisy, I’m well aware that neither party has the corner on that market over the other, the tradition is grand on the part of both Democrats and Republicans, and liberals and conservatives. At best, this little “gotcha” of mine probably doesn’t even make the greatest hits album – it’s simply current.

What this humorous article does do though is further illustrate that the ever widening schism between liberal and conservative ideology will not soon close. To this end, for your enjoyment I’d like to share with you my own humorous Mythical Proposition from Conservatives to Liberals. It’s just a little something I started awhile ago, that I keep up dating from time to time. Yes it has a conservative slant, guilty as charged, but that’s because I’m a conservative, but that shouldn’t stop a liberal from enjoying it too.

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