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Reach Across The Aisle – What A Concept!!

September 6th, 2012 by Rich Szabo

I am sincerely sickened by all this OVER-THE-TOP poisonous and hateful political mud slinging being hurled all over Facebook . WHY?? Is it really going to help your candidate get elected? Don’t we get enough of it on the news? Will people’s minds and hearts be changed by anger and sarcasm?¬† People have different ideologies, philosophies, opinions, beliefs, etc, etc., etc. That is never going to change.

The viciousness is nuts! I do know that if people had to say what they write on Facebook¬† face to face with REAL eye contact (like in the ‘old days!), there would be (in most cases) a modicum of common courtesy and respect for another point of view. None of this myopic hate mongering.

I admit that I’ve also jumped in myself in the past and have written things that I would never resort to saying face to face to another person/persons. Truthfully, after the fact I wanted to kick my own behind. Now I get nauseous every time I see this garbage, which dominates the home feed. I’m spending more time ‘unsubscribing’ from people whose posts I normally enjoy. I also see posts that are statements supporting one candidate or the other, but are posted politely with respectful comments from both ‘sides’. I enjoy reading (and participating) in these posts, no matter what the political affiliation is and I’ve learned a thing or two!

I’m not asking for anything, expecting anything to change, lecturing or preaching. I’m just venting! Agree or not. Needed to say this for myself. I miss ‘agreeing to disagree’. Just that alone takes it up a notch or two.

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