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Judge Susie Screws Arizona

July 29th, 2010 by Rich Szabo

Yesterday U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton suspended the law’s requirement that cops check a person’s immigration status during traffic stops, detentions and arrests. Read the ENTIRE COURT ORDER HERE

She also put a hold on the requirement that legal immigrants carry their citizenship papers at all times or face penalties and the provision making it illegal for an undocumented immigrant to have a job.

In her ruling, Bolton said the law would put an unfair burden on legal immigrants.

Unfair burden on illegals? Give me a break! It puts an unfair burden on the State of Arizona and all of it’s LEGAL citizens. But this comes as no surprise since Judge Susie is a Bubba Clinton appointee.

Of Barak Hussein Obama’s interference in Arizona’s rightful attempt to protect itself, he and the rest of today’s Washington liberal ilk would be wise to take heed of the words of Senator Robert A. Taft of Ohio in 1958. Yes, that’s 1958! How these words resonate today: “I don’t believe you can have freedom in a country the size of the United States unless you have freedom of state and local communities to decide their own affairs. This country is so tremendous that no one sitting in Washington is responsive to local public opinion and consequently the regulations he attempts to make amount to tyranny in many communities where they are different from what the people want.” Taken from the 1962 book – ‘Barry Goldwater – Mr. Conservative
‘ a great book not coincidentally about Senator Barry Goldwater of, yes, Arizona. 1962! Yes, even then the conservative geniuses like Goldwater and Taft knew!

Twenty other states are considering enacting versions of the Arizona law. Now why is that? Maybe because Barry and da Boyz are doing NOTHING to protect us or enforcing the U.S. Immigration Laws?

We are asking you to bombard the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona with your comments regarding Judge Susie’s decision. Please go to the United States District Court of Arizona and let them know what you think!

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Which color M & Ms do you prefer: Muslims or Mexicans

July 9th, 2010 by Ted Silberstein

The Muslim population is expanding worldwide including the United States and it does not bode well for the future and preservation of our American heritage.

As this video demonstrates England may already be gone, as are Spain and France. Here in America, Virginia is eaten up, remember Nidal Hasan the Ft. Hood shooter, and several other Islamic extremists recently arrested for involvement in terrorist acts are from Virginia. Dearborn, Michigan is becoming an Islamic stronghold, and rural areas of the Carolinas and Montana have documented Islamic extremist training camps, and many other cities are on the way.

In the 1950s and 1960s the threat was communism, with the Korean and Vietnam wars being our attempts to stop what was at that time called the Domino Theory. While we waged real war and cold war oversees to stop the communist domino effect, the sleeping creeping infestation of Islam spread in silence, and by the time the September 11th alarm clock woke us up it was too late. If we had stayed awake after the 9/11 alarm went off we might have had a chance, but America did what America does, and hit the snooze button and went back into its Ward and June Cleaver dreamland. Islam counted on it.

As the gentleman being interviewed said about the time frame for takeover being a simple matter of birth rate – Muslim births in England outnumbering native English births 10 to 1, this is what will happen in America. This presents us with some choices to ponder and America may have to choose its battles. On the current path, the survival of the America we have loved will eventually become a matter of domination. The struggle will be Islam vs all the rest of what Islam lovingly refers to as “non-believers,” i.e., all other religions in America, the majority being Christian and Catholic. And domination is the Islamic goal, on that there is no discussion. So what is America’s choice? Presuming we wake up in time to make any choice at all which is frankly questionable, America can focus on stopping the Islamic takeover, or focus on the other invasion issue, illegal Mexican immigration.

As it relates to the birth rate scenario, here’s the thing: At its current pace, similar to the birth rate of Muslims out pacing the native English birth rate in England, the birth rate and immigration to America of Mexicans likely means that the Hispanic community, mostly Mexican in America will eventually surpass the population of non-Hispanic native Americans. Presently, the conservative anti-Mexican immigration movement that is gathering more steam with each passing day is far more focused on this than on the creeping Islamic takeover. Remember, we hit the snooze button on that.

America should keep in mind that in general, the Hispanic community is far more devout in its Christianity and Catholicism than are native non-Hispanic Americans. Speaking in pure numbers then, far more people of the Hispanic community are far more devout in their Christianity and Catholicism than are native non-Hispanic Americans.

So again, what’s the choice? It seems that the ultimate struggle to stop the takeover of America by Islam will be a struggle between Islam and the “non-believers” in America i.e., all other religions, Christians, Catholics, et al. And therein lies the irony for America – our future and strength in the battle to stave off takeover by Islam may very well rely on the majority of America’s population consisting of the mostly Mexican devout Christians and Catholics. Who’da thunk!

If this scenario doesn’t set well with America then there is really only one solution – Start fuckin’ your brains out America, and don’t stop until you have more babies than M & Ms. M & Ms, they enter your south, and invade your land. I’m just sayin’

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