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Stripping The Good Sheriff Of His ICE Authority

October 8th, 2009 by Kenneth Brady

Stripping the good sheriff Joe Arpaio of his ICE authority makes perfectly good sense.

Joe Arpaio

The way the health care bill was written, illegal aliens were not specifically “excluded”, therefore, under federal law and several court decisions, they are automatically included. When Obama stated that the health care bill did not even mention illegal aliens, he stated the absolute truth. It did not mention them in way, shape or form.

If your plan is to convert 90% of a group into Democrats, what better way is there then to give them health care, then give them amnesty, and then argue in a liberal court that they deserve to have a vote, even if they are not citizens, because the system is disenfranchising them.

If you recall, ACORN and some other groups in San Francisco were signing up non-citizens on voter registration drives, and when the Republicans asked that voters have to show identification, there was hell to pay because they were being racist and trying to suppress the vote.

Personally, I am waiting for some liberal federal judge to decide that illegals have MORE right to vote than I do because as a white male of European descent, I am assumed to be racist, and therefore, unworthy to vote. My vote should be reduced to a half vote. In this way, the illegals can take over and justice can be served. They can also increase my taxes to pay for the slavery reparations.


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