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October 31st, 2009 by Rich Szabo

The White House on Friday released a small list of visitors to the White House since President Barack Obama took office in January, including lobbyists, business executives, activists and celebrities. Under the Obama White House’s policy, most names of visitors from Inauguration Day in January through the end of September will never be released. However, the Whitehouse Blog is saying that releasing this small list “marks a major milestone in government transparency–and an important lesson in the unintended consequences of such vigorous disclosure.” “Transparency like you’ve never seen before”. read the entire blog entry here:

Give me a break! This is the most non-transparent administration to hit Washington since Richard Nixon. The only thing transparent about this administration is the lying about being transparent. Even MSNBC has called them out on it.

So why are they not releasing the entire visitor log even though two Federal Courts have ordered them to? What could Barry and Da Boyz be hiding? Hmmm…. I’ll leave that for you to think about.

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