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November 8th, 2009 by Ted Silberstein


When the news first broke about the Fort Hood massacre, it is pure denial not to admit that deep down even before the name of the suspect was released, most Americans expected the inevitable revelation that the shooter was a Muslim. Sorry to call out the elephant in the room, but there have been enough incidents of violence against our military by the enemy within not to say it.

It is not difficult to understand the shooter Nidal Malik Hasan’s inner torture over his impending deployment. But he is not emotionally unstable, he is not crazy, and to say he is, is a copout in the name of political correctness. Hasan is not merely Muslim, he is a Muslim extremist who was about to be deployed to a region where he would be called upon to fight Muslims. For Hasan there was no conflict, his Muslim extremist id won out. Faced with the decision whether to kill Muslims or to kill Americans he made his decision. He would kill Americans.

It is easiest to blame Hasan but in the end he did what obedient Muslim extremists do, kill Americans. Hasan carried out the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil since September 11, 2001. Understand this clearly and make no mistake. It was a terrorist attack by a Muslim extremist doing what Muslim extremists are sworn by their faith to do, right down to the shouts of Allahu Akbar as he carried out his murderous act. The fact that Hasan may have acted alone also makes no difference, it was a terrorist attack which will no doubt soon be followed by the obligatory audio tape from Bin Laden or Zawahiri praising their brave jihadist brother Hasan. Fittingly this also gives us an excellent opportunity to honor our own brave soldier, Fort Hood Police Sgt. Kimberly Munley. For Muslim extremism who consider women a sub class, who customarily kill or maim women in the name of honor, it is sweet irony indeed that Hasan was taken out by Sgt. Munley, a woman who is far braver than he is and did her job better than he did. Nothing could hurt a Muslim extremist worse.

But while Hasan was the instrument of this terrorist attack, it is the orchestra pit of political correctness which allowed him to take the stage. As we have learned, Hasan demonstrated more than enough Muslim extremist behavior with his rants and internet postings which were known to the military for some time. Why then didn’t the military act sooner to stop him? Perhaps they tried. Recent history is replete with examples of our military leaders in the field who face our enemy every day, beating their heads against the political wall, handcuffed literally to death by our controlling liberal politicians, politically correcting innocent Americans into the grave. Since the Army was aware of Hasan’s Muslim extremist bent, it is difficult to believe they did not seek to take steps against him, and very easy to believe they received marching orders from on high to let him be.

While it is unthinkable to give in to over-the-top panicked methods like the herding of Japanese Americans into internment camps in 1942, it is not unthinkable, and looks more and more like simple common sense to intensify the vetting of those wishing to join our military. Terrorist attacks like Hasan’s at Fort Hood prove that the time has arrived to protect American troops by denying Muslim extremists the opportunity to become embedded in our military. Hasan was an easy spot considering his openly declared extremist behavior. One of Hasan’s classmates quoted him as saying “I’m a Muslim first and an American second. And Hasan’s closest friend whom he was mentoring in the ways of Islam said that Hasan told him not to join the army. He quoted Hasan as saying “Muslims shouldn’t be in the U.S. military because obviously Muslims shouldn’t kill Muslims.” Agreed. Hasan is correct, the time has come for the difficult decision that everyone knows must be made. Let us spare future Hasans the angst of the prospect of battling other Muslims. Hasan backed up his extremist words with actions, and showed us it is too deadly a risk when that conflict burns too deeply, pushing those who may begin as peaceful Muslim members in the American military into become our enemy within.

To understand, approach this from the other side with a little quiz:

A gentleman named Moshe Goldberg attempts to enlist in the Iranian army:
a. Moshe is welcomed in
b. Moshe is told “No Thanks”
c. Moshe is shot in the head as a spy and infiltrator right there in line

We all know the answer. RIP Moshe!

Our enemies would never take the chance of being infiltrated and neither should we. Of course in America we would never lower ourselves to the level of the lunatic regimes by choosing solution “C”. But is solution “B,” simply telling them “No Thanks” really so bad?

It is time for America to take Hasan up on his recommendation that Muslims should not serve in the U.S. military. As he showed us, political correctness kills. This is harsh. It is not nice and by no means sensitive. But the time for nice and sensitive is past. Political correctness is the handcuffs which cost American lives, and it is far better to apologize later, than to lose American lives now. For President Obama who has already made a full time occupation of apologizing for America protecting Americans, it is right up his alley anyway. Let’s make it worth his while.

Ted Silberstein
Florida Cop

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