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Killer Threads Part Deux

March 25th, 2011 by Rich Szabo

A Continuation of “Killer Threads”

Was the little dump truck that our tire exploding hero drove the same vehicle that was carrying the piano in the dump bed while the janitor from the elementary school played songs on it all the way across town at about 35-40 mph? I recall a discussion about this years ago and it must have lingered in the dusty hallways of my mind.

Your time line is correct with regard to me working at Lavalle’s Amoco during your grandmas bout with Exxon’s red carb, high cholesterol gas dye. That reminds me…I have to get a good specimen from my cat’s litter box to bring to the vet for testing tomorrow. My cat and your grandmas car have similar symptoms. Exxon no longer uses the catch phrase “Put a tiger in you tank” and that is probably the reason why.( I have a hep-cat!)

That bout was also shortly before you and I transported Jack back from college laying on an army stretcher piled on his belongings in the back of my truck. Everything was piled high in my Suburban and he only had a few inches of space and would smash into the roof on the bigger road bumps. Dropping most of his stuff out a multi-story window was a real time saver,regardless of the fact that you “cracked one off” in the elevator and nobody wanted to use it until it aired out. Otis Elevators can really take a punch!

I cannot give anyone results of today’s interview because the employers had a shindig going on in the “big room” and had no time for me, so I filled out forms and was told I would be contacted tomorrow. I saw what was going on and understood. Over the last few seasons I have trained myself to not get my hopes up when job hunting no matter what anyone says. As I drove the 24 miles (one way) to the interview on a road that shook me loose from anything I ever held sacred….I reminded myself of all the people that took my applications and then blew smoke up my ass, wasting my time the past few seasons. I can now fart hourly smoke signal messages,weather reports and union soldier locations to all the Indian tribes as far as the great plains. I knew I had to look the part since this was an upscale joint along with catering hall for blushing brides, restaurant with bar and downstairs lounge for divorcees, cougars, big liars, giggles and grab-ass. My standard bartender outfit was the uniform of the day,consisting of black pants, bleach white oxford shirt,name tag engraved with “Bartender Bob” and black waffle stomper laced boots. It was windy and 40 degrees today so a short length black leather pilots jacket and smooth black lambskin gloves gave a mission-critical look. I will have to repeat this process when I am (hopefully) called back. When I was young I never thought I would see a great depression, abandon my true profession and beg for a job mixing flammable liquids with fruit juice.

Wow, I don’t recall the piano playing dump truck at all. I do remember the trip home in the cargo hold – grateful for the ride and the bruises were just a part of deal. To this day, I get a laugh telling about the time I sat in the Great Hall at Penn Station waiting on my chariot. I was just about nodding off when a commotion went through the room “look at THAT!” as Santa and Rudolph twinkled along the outer windows. “What on earth IS that?” ‘Scuse me! That’s my ride! We may have been broke, but you can’t buy style and class.

I’ve been meaning to respond more on what we have lost in the economy and culture. Part of it, on the Dean Martin, scotch and bombshell side, is that now we glorify youth and pretend we never have to grow up. A 45 year old man in a Party Dude t-shirt and Ed Hardy jeans is not rockin’. He’s creepy, he’s pathetic, and probably not allowed within 1500 feet of an elementary school. Adults drink cocktails, appreciate a good Cuban cigar and want music played by someone not overdosing on mescaline. Every generation rebels against their elders, it’s a part of growing up. Our problem is that in the ’70s the punks won, and we’re still paying the price.The world is much better with adults in charge.

The dump truck was the very same vehicle, but the driver at the time of the mobile honky-tonk recital was none other than Charles Gutknecht — yup, my stepfather. He actually did have a sense of humor, just not with me or my sister. The playing of the “Maple Leaf Rag” and other ragtime classics on that gigantic old upright was performed by Harry Hoeke. And the witness to this spectacle was my mother, who happened to be bicycling along Hillside Avenue when this sideshow went sailing past her.

Wow, I give Charlie credit, never knew he had that kind of humor. Pity he hid it so well.

Reminds me of that group about ten years back that mounted a grand piano on skis and ran it down the slopes at a resort in the Alps, with a pianist in black tails playing. The spokesman said “He played (whatever piece) by Rachmaninoff, which we think is appropriately tragic, and quite competently played under the circumstances.” You hope they had plenty of people waiting at the bottom to stop the damn thing before it went through the town.

Your grandmother’s problems with Exxon regular also reminded me of many Saturdays when we planned to do something. We both cut the grass at home first thing in the morning, then met at your grandmother’s and knocked out her yardwork so we could do our own thing. Amazingly enough, we didn’t think we were abused or exploited, it was what everybody did. I see plenty of kids around here, but rarely do you see one cutting the grass. Why is that? Are chores toxic now?

To be continued…

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Killer Threads

March 24th, 2011 by Rich Szabo

This is an on going email thread between myself and three very good friends. I asked permission to post this and all agreed. I think you will find it amusing:

While sorting my laundry I did ponder the differences and mentally reviewed the clothing in my favorite WWII movies. The Axis attire was far more stylish than our own doughboy duds. Nothing puts a high gloss on a staff meeting better than the German long leather coats, gloves and boots. Great collar insignia, iron crosses and peaked caps put the “can do” in the “who’s who”. One of my personal favorites is the panzer commander’s black outfit. I’m sure the ladies could not resist those killer threads along with headphones and binoculars for that “man of action” look. Whether cruising with your turret hatch open or relaxing and eating lunch on your track skirts, it’s always a crowd pleaser. I always looked for the good in the Africa corps uniforms but never really liked them (especially the hats). I did however like the little palm trees painted on the equipment. The British always looked too dated and the embellishments were not practical. The only thing that the US really idolized was the bomber/pilot jacket. It is obvious that our uniforms were form-follows-function. My feelings toward camo colors and patterns (of which there are many) are mixed. It’s hard to be stealthy when you let loose on a 50cal. machine gun. If you are raising dust in a convoy or smashing through the woods in a tank or advancing across the desert with attack copters overhead you might as well wear a clown costume for all the good it will do. I often look at things a little differently.

The Axis looked much more stylish than the Allies. There’s a reason that even today the Fashion Leaders (Hollywood and bondage dungeons) (I repeat myself) go for that black leather and stainless steel SS look. Even the Darth himself took his style cue from the Germans. The Italians could cut a sharp figure, no surprise considering that Milan still teaches the rest of us how to look good. Very underrated, in my opinion. The Japanese weren’t too overly good or bad on uniforms, but for an interesting contrast look at the photos of the surrender ceremony on the deck of the Missouri. The Japanese were starving, bombed back into the Stone Age and literally glowing in the dark, yet they show up in full-dress morning coat outfits. Classy, even in abject defeat. MacArthur standing in his baggy khakis looked like he took a break from cleaning the basement to sign the damn document. I still feel a twinge of embarrassment when I see the photos. Gee Dougie, could you stop flogging the Filipino butt-boy long enough for him to iron your Class A’s?

As for the Allies, the Russians never stood out much with their uniforms. Not terrible but nothing you’d want to copy. To my knowledge, no one ever actually witnessed a Frenchman in uniform long enough to form a judgement one way or the other. More likely, you see them in a ratty shirt, sucking on a Gauloise with a bottle of cheap vin rouge and a collaborating tart on the other arm, cheering on whoever seems to be winning at the moment. The Brits were a little odd, as they tend to be. That whole idea of wearing shorts as a battle uniform just looks bizarre, like a troop of Boy Scouts playing army. On the other hand, for sheer dignity it’s hard to match a couple RN senior officers in full overcoats, standing on an open bridge in a North Atlantic gale debating the finer points of grouse hunting while German 14 inch shells splash all around. I think the attitude is just as critical as the outfit, but God knows they have the attitude in spades.
The best take I’ve seen on US uniforms mentioned something about how you don’t need to know how they’re dressed, when all you can see is a flash of polished aluminum five miles overhead. Not exactly on point, but it makes me laugh.

Glad to see we Concur on Couture with regard to military garb past and present. I would like to add another salvo to your observations about MacArthur’s constant fashion faux pas. The pictures and newsreels also make my skin crawl because I have also remarked about the sloppy fit and wrinkles. Here we have the final surrender of the enemy in the largest conflict in human history dressed to stunning perfection complete with top hat, and who do we send to represent our country? Emmet Kelly, from Ringling Brothers. Let’s face it, he looked like he was on an all night bender, pissed himself and passed out and slept in his uniform. I’m sure the reason he said “I shall return” is because he got thrown out for looking like that. Any bouncer at any hot spot will back me up on this.

Let’s move on to Darth……yes, the German SS did influence many things like his helmet. We older gummers new this from the first episode. You will notice that our troops use a copy of the Jerry helmet today only it has a cloth cover. You will also be pleased to know that kinky Nazi bondage outfits are now available in washable leather (what? cum again?) . Latex outfits will always be available for the thrifty budget. As for the Brits fighting in the desert with shorts and knee socks…..don’t get me started. These are the same people that came up with the pith helmet and also wore berets. Who the Hell wants to wear a three pound hard hat and shorts in blistering conditions?

Watch the movies “Hatari” with John Wayne or “Magambo” with Clark Gable and you will see the proper attire for tropic/desert adventure. I have a closet full of hot weather threads just like in the movies and they serve me well along with looking spectacular and could give John or Clark a real run for the money. Understand of course that I would spend less time hunting animals and more time banging the brains out of Eva Gardner. As for our Dudes in Drab…I think our “green army men” uniforms have served us well over the long haul and I would be proud to wear them as surplus.

The very thought of guys like Vic Marrow in tv’s “Combat” standing there wearing a steel pot, battle jacket, grenades, tommygun and a few days stubble complete with an unfiltered cigarette is enough to make the enemy wish they died at birth. Priceless.

One of my all time favorites is of course…Rat Patrol! Nothing says “action packed” like the outfit worn by Christopher George! That is the ultimate outfit for a day of 50cal. Gun play and then take the jeep for a cruise to the oasis for cool drinks and hot babes with big boobs. The lap dances would be non- stop since they can’t resist the cool khaki cotton, Aussie hat and brown jackboots. To complete this thrill package requires two packs of Lucky Strikes, the trusty Zippo lighter, a roll of US greenbacks and a well worn .45 for dishing out lead poisoning. Combine this with a buxom babe with high heels and low morals and it’s V for Victory!

The website where I bought my pith helmet explains the difference pretty well – The Gunga Din hat is the Brit military version, never did see the point in them as it has no brim at all. Unless you’re a re-enactor doing the Boer War for some reason, there’s no purpose in wearing one of those that I can tell. The classic police “bobby” helmet is actually a version of that style of pith helmet.

Mine is the safari style, canvas covered but with a wide brim. I believe they call it the Indian helmet, but I might have gotten the French helmet. Pretty much identical, anyway. The internal band makes it “float” over your head so there’s plenty of air to cool you down, and if you dunk it in water the evaporation will provide air conditioning. It’s really just ingenious.

I used to have a campaign hat (bought it at Sam’s) but don’t recall whatever happened to it. That’s another great style, it’s obvious that they get used because they work so well.

I will tell you what just struck a nerve. I was just getting some clothes out of my closet for an interview tomorrow and came across my vintage blue ESSO service station Ike style jacket. (pre-1972,Exxon was ’73 on). I stared at it and memories came back like a firestorm. My parents would enter Bernie’s Esso Station at Northfield and Hillside(Bernies has been boarded-up for a long while now) and a moment after you heard the DING-DING, Bernie or a mechanic would appear wearing their Esso uniform and say hello,what fuel and how much you would like. After you heard the slap of the spring loaded license plate hit the nozzle and the pump dials start to spin….the man would pull one or two blue paper towels from the dispenser that also held the flat squirt bottle and then cleaned the windscreen, lifted the wipers and ran the towel on the rubber edge for a final touch.

Part of our growing up was walking a bike across the station (past the promotional Esso Tiger sitting on the pumps) over to the Enco TY-R-FLATOR air pump for that heartwarming GA-DING-ssss, GA-DING-ssss sound. If that didn’t work you just went inside and the man would sell you a quality ATLAS patch kit. My question to you guys is this….have we (society) lost all style and respect for common and mundane services? Is it to much to ask for a little style and polish and respect so people know that they are honestly welcome and their patronage is appreciated? Years ago every skill and service had a distinct look (barber,bartender,driver etc.). What happened? I think in these hard times we should take a hard look and maybe reconsider what is really important. To continue on the subject of uniforms… I would love to see the reaction of people pulling into a little filling station and being attended to by a man in a classic outfit complete with 5 point cap,bow tie,crisp Ike jacket with pressure gauge in the pocket and chunky black oxfords. A white shirt and wiping rag in the rear pocket says “Fill’er Up!” to any sporty blonde or rubber-burnin’ brunette. Many of the things that made this country great have withered on the vine. Please tell me I’m wrong. Are we the last guys on earth to understand what is really important? People often laugh at my Dean Martin-scotch & soda-stacked bombshell way of thinking. I don’t know about anyone else, but I would like to fill up at that station with the vintage attendant in a monster tail-finned convertible while wearing a full tux and a girl that’s built like a brick shit-house by my side. The world doesn’t know what it’s missing…… Sighhhh.
Anyway, thank you-drive safely-here are your S&H green stamps and “Please come again”.

Fossils — yup, by the standards of today, I’m afraid we’d all fall into that category! Just thinking about Bernie’s Esso takes me way back. I can still hear the DING-DING of the service island bell coming through the open windows of our house in warmer weather. Considering how clearly we could hear that bell from about 100 yards away, I’m sure that by now OSHA has probably declared such bells an “occupational safety hazard” that require either removal or handing out OSHA-approved hearing protection to the employees.

On the opposite hand, I also remember good ol’ Esso/Exxon leaded regular; the gasoline in and of itself was probably okay, but that goddamn red dye they put in the fuel for visual identification — I swear that it could pug up the Holland Tunnel, never mind the tiny passages in the idle circuit of a carburetor. Damn, I hated that sh!t. After the third carb rebuild — or was it the fourth? — in less than two years, I told Grandma, who you KNOW that I would literally do ANYTHING for, if she didn’t stop putting that crap in her tank, she could start paying a mechanic to de-gunk that carb. I made her switch to Amoco, and after that she never had another fuel problem.
The comment about the TY-ER-FLATOR immediately dug out the memory bank an incident I hadn’t thought of for decades. My Mother, who never drove a car, used to ride all over town on a bicycle. In the summer, the three of us — Mom, my sister and me — would cycle over to the town pool at Memorial Park. One day, as we reached the end of the street, I noticed that the front tire on Mom’s bike was a bit low so, naturally, we made a quick stop at Bernie’s to use the air hose. Just as we pulled up to the old Enco, one of my stepfather’s Board of Ed co-workers, Ray Ambio, who was filling up the BoE’s green mason dump, saw us by the air pump and gallantly walked over to “assist.” He had no air gauge, and he didn’t reset the automatic pressure cut-off — he claimed both were unnecessary, since he could “feel” when the pressure was right while filling the tire. Well, he was “feeling” the tire when the damned thing exploded like a blockbuster right beneath his hand. I think my ears rang for an hour after that, as I’m sure his did, too. I’m equally certain that fire engine red welt that covered most of Mr. Ambio’s palm continued to sting for days after the ear-ringing subsided!

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President and Mrs. George W. Bush: Class Personified

November 15th, 2010 by Ted Silberstein

Just an unsolicited observation that should be made regarding George Bush. No one, even conservatives would dispute that Bush made some serious mistakes, and left office with one of the lowest approval ratings among modern presidents. But it must be said that he has held himself accountable. On the other hand, every single day through two years of campaigning for president, Barack Hussein Obama and his wife Mrs. Barack Hussein Obama and-a-half, did nothing but bash George Bush, and have continued non-stop blaming Bush for every single problem two years into Obama’s own presidency. Likewise, after leaving office Bill Clinton wrote a book and used his 2004 book tour to criticize Bush.

By comparison, two years now out of office, George Bush has steadfastly refused to criticize Obama either in his own new book or in interviews because in his words it just isn’t good for the country or for the presidency. The lovely Laura Bush in fact has in measured tones defended Obama saying that few can understand the difficulties of being the president. CLASS PERSONIFIED!

Do you think we can expect the same kind of class or self accountability from Barack Hussein Obama and Mrs. Barack Hussein Obama and-a-half when he leaves office? I’m just sayin’…

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Unequal Outrage: What’s Good For The Pastor Is Good For The Imam

September 8th, 2010 by Ted Silberstein

First, to get it out of the way up front, Pastor Terry Jones and his 50 member Dumb World Outreach Center are a lunatic fringe cult whose plan to hold a Koran burning party on the anniversary of 9/11 is clearly intended to invite and incite hatred from the Muslim world. As if the Muslim world could hate the American culture any more than they already do. But now for the having said that…

There is no dispute that both kooks, Pastor Jones who wants to burn Korans, and his radical counterpart Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf who wants to build the Ground Zero mosque have the legal right to do it. The intent and purpose for either is the big question. Most American people, at least those with our feet on the ground, realize that the intent and purpose of the Cordoba mosque near Ground Zero is to carry out the historical custom of Islam to build a monument to what it considers its bloody conquest over its enemies. Jones’ plan likewise is to reciprocate by striking the symbolic blow of offending Islam.

But what is increasingly frustrating to most Americans is how Jones’ plan no matter how ugly, only further exposes the inequity of outrage from our leaders, that while it has become completely off limits to offend Muslims, it is open season and fair game for Muslims to offend everyone and anyone in the world, in this case the families of America’s victims of 9/11 with the Cordoba mosque near Ground Zero. What is incomprehensible is how the Leftist leaders of the United States and leaders from around the world have shamefully allowed themselves to play into this Muslim game.

The White House, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Attorney General Eric Holder and even the Vatican have weighed in, strongly though rightly condemning Pastor Jones for his Koran burning event because of its potential to provoke and incite Muslims. And don’t forget Speaker Nancy McCarthy Pelosi who gives the Cordoba mosque a free pass, but wants those who speak out against it investigated. Yet these heads of state who are so quick to condemn Pastor Jones, have stood virtually mute, refusing to condemn Imam Rauf and his plan to build his Cordoba mosque on the graves of the victims of 9/11. As Sen. Barry Goldwater (R) Arizona said, “The winds of appeasement blow from the left.”

Then there’s, New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg who has backed the right of Imam Rauf to build his Cordoba mosque, also backs the right of Pastor Jones to hold his Koran burning. In a strange way, Mayor Bloomberg is somewhat of a political, albeit unfunny Don Rickles, encouraging everyone to offend everyone, even appearing on Letterman trying to drum up a laugh about it. Mayor Bloomberg may be a buffoon, but at least he’s consistent.

Perhaps the sanest and most heartfelt objection to the Koran burning comes from General David Petraeus, who is responsible for managing America’s military mission in Afghanistan. General Petraeus has perhaps the truest conundrum of anyone. Talk about stuck between Iraq and a hard place. As the Commander of United States Forces in Afghanistan there is no doubt that he would rather do anything than cow tow to either the “we can’t offend the Muslims” crowd or to America’s enemies. But his bigger and more understandable worry is that Pastor Jones’ Koran burning will evoke such outrage within the Muslim world that it will cost the lives of our American troops and potentially American civilians anywhere in the world at the hands of Islamic extremists.

Pastor Terry Jones’ and his Dumb World Outreach Center lunatics’ plan to hold a Koran burning event on September 11 is atrocious to be sure, but in the end it is no more insensitive to Muslims than Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s plan to build a mosque near our hallowed Ground Zero is insensitive to the victims of 9/11. The failure of our Leftist leaders to condemn the Cordoba mosque at least equally as loudly as they have condemned the Koran burning is the disgrace.

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Which color M & Ms do you prefer: Muslims or Mexicans

July 9th, 2010 by Ted Silberstein

The Muslim population is expanding worldwide including the United States and it does not bode well for the future and preservation of our American heritage.

As this video demonstrates England may already be gone, as are Spain and France. Here in America, Virginia is eaten up, remember Nidal Hasan the Ft. Hood shooter, and several other Islamic extremists recently arrested for involvement in terrorist acts are from Virginia. Dearborn, Michigan is becoming an Islamic stronghold, and rural areas of the Carolinas and Montana have documented Islamic extremist training camps, and many other cities are on the way.

In the 1950s and 1960s the threat was communism, with the Korean and Vietnam wars being our attempts to stop what was at that time called the Domino Theory. While we waged real war and cold war oversees to stop the communist domino effect, the sleeping creeping infestation of Islam spread in silence, and by the time the September 11th alarm clock woke us up it was too late. If we had stayed awake after the 9/11 alarm went off we might have had a chance, but America did what America does, and hit the snooze button and went back into its Ward and June Cleaver dreamland. Islam counted on it.

As the gentleman being interviewed said about the time frame for takeover being a simple matter of birth rate – Muslim births in England outnumbering native English births 10 to 1, this is what will happen in America. This presents us with some choices to ponder and America may have to choose its battles. On the current path, the survival of the America we have loved will eventually become a matter of domination. The struggle will be Islam vs all the rest of what Islam lovingly refers to as “non-believers,” i.e., all other religions in America, the majority being Christian and Catholic. And domination is the Islamic goal, on that there is no discussion. So what is America’s choice? Presuming we wake up in time to make any choice at all which is frankly questionable, America can focus on stopping the Islamic takeover, or focus on the other invasion issue, illegal Mexican immigration.

As it relates to the birth rate scenario, here’s the thing: At its current pace, similar to the birth rate of Muslims out pacing the native English birth rate in England, the birth rate and immigration to America of Mexicans likely means that the Hispanic community, mostly Mexican in America will eventually surpass the population of non-Hispanic native Americans. Presently, the conservative anti-Mexican immigration movement that is gathering more steam with each passing day is far more focused on this than on the creeping Islamic takeover. Remember, we hit the snooze button on that.

America should keep in mind that in general, the Hispanic community is far more devout in its Christianity and Catholicism than are native non-Hispanic Americans. Speaking in pure numbers then, far more people of the Hispanic community are far more devout in their Christianity and Catholicism than are native non-Hispanic Americans.

So again, what’s the choice? It seems that the ultimate struggle to stop the takeover of America by Islam will be a struggle between Islam and the “non-believers” in America i.e., all other religions, Christians, Catholics, et al. And therein lies the irony for America – our future and strength in the battle to stave off takeover by Islam may very well rely on the majority of America’s population consisting of the mostly Mexican devout Christians and Catholics. Who’da thunk!

If this scenario doesn’t set well with America then there is really only one solution – Start fuckin’ your brains out America, and don’t stop until you have more babies than M & Ms. M & Ms, they enter your south, and invade your land. I’m just sayin’

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Barry’s Petroleum Speech – The Wizard Is Worthless

June 16th, 2010 by Rich Szabo

I can hear it now. No need to watch or listen. Here is how Barry’s speech will go tonight:

“Let me be clear about this historic unprecedented crisis that I inherited from the previous administration. I’ve said time and time again that the system is broken and ummm…I will hold them accountable through transparency that will restore our reputation. There are those who say you can keep your present plan but not one dime….”

I was close!

Well folks, the curtain has been pulled aside to reveal that the “wizard” is worthless.

Barry got right to the corruption of the “past 10 years” i.e., Bush’s fault. And also as predicted he is “ORDERING” BP to pay for the damage and clean up, and that they must fork over the money to an “independent” administrator to oversee the damage-compensation payment process. And by independent administrator he of course means himself.

BP has not ducked responsibility for any of this. They have accepted full accountability from the start. The world has been watching the oil billow from that well at the bottom of the sea since day one, up close and personal, with cameras placed there by BP for all the world to see – nothing hidden. BP has for weeks been running commercials taking responsibility and vowing to make it right. Total transparency. A word who’s meaning is totally foreign to Barry and da Boyz.

But Obama and his Reid-Pelosi Mafia cannot stand the thought of BP compensating folks on their own because then Obama and his Mafia wouldn’t get credit for doing anything. So he gets in there with his big words “I’M ORDERING’ BP to pay for all the damages and compensation, something they have already been doing. It’s like the old bit, “I quit. You can’t quit because I’m firing you.” In this case its, “We’re paying for all the damages and compensation on our own. No you can’t, because I’M MAKING you do it.” This is nothing more than Obama’s latest foray into communist, marxist, socialist, Hitler-Nazi government takeover of the BP’s compensation dollars to become nothing more than Obama’s newest piggy bank to raid for his Mafia. Under his “independent” administrator, I wonder just how much of the compensation funds will actually ever get to those affected. And when it doesn’t, and the outcry over that begins, the 5th column media will refuse to expose the corruption under Obama’s independent administrator, and they and he and his mafia will still blame BP, and probably Bush too.

When Obama’s butt buddy Chris Matthews can see the lack of any capability to be president then the writing is truly on the wall..

Think about it. He’s coming up short when compared to the absolute worst president since the pre-civil war: Jimmy Carter.. You can’t set the bar any lower and yet he does. That’s like coming in fourth in a three horse race. The man is a pathetic joke.

No leadership skills at all. His only game is the political blame game: Find someone to blame. The choice is BP in this event. But the real truth is if you do some basic homework, you discover that BP is out in the deep water of the gulf doing risky drilling because the environmental wacko’s have been able to lobby, pay the lefties into restricting oil drilling in shallow water forcing high risk adventures. The bottom line is that the real root cause is the environmental wacko’s and their political hand maidens like Gore, Obama and Clinton. They allowed and forced the EPA, and the other cognizant federal agencies to give into the paid lobbyists from the left and the high risk finally happened. You got the inevitable accident. Now the same crowd is trying to line up using the problem they caused to happen by joining Barry to do some finger pointing at the greedy capitalist. Then to use that false flag to sell their silly cap and tax power grab. Obama really believes that the average American is too stupid to see through the plot.

He definitely accomplished three things with his speech last night:

1. He ensured the GOP will take back the House.
2. He ensured the GOP will also take back the Senate.
3. He ensured the GOP will pretty much win governor’s races this year.

Cap ‘n trade? Higher energy costs? “Comprehensive bill?” Yeah, those will go over with the public like beer farts in church, won’t they?

The press elected an incompetent who can’t lead. Thanks to all those who voted for this empty suit who only knows how to give a speech at a college graduation.

The LA Times 2008 endorsement of Obama said it best: “He is so comfortable with his lack of experience”.

Why Obama fooled so many people is that Obama actually believed he was “god”. Listen to his speech after securing the nomination, “…this is the moment when earth began to heal and the rise of the oceans began to slow.”

That is beyond freighting. Can you say Megalomaniac?

It is the reason why Hitler rose to power. Barry’s megalomania radiates so much conviction it fools the masses, but as the megalomaniac falters the faux confidence erodes and the words and actions become hallow. I am not saying Obama is Hitler. I am saying that megalomaniacs have incredible communication skills while they believe in their power, but lose it entirely upon the realization that the narcissistic ego is fallible. Obama seems so out of touch because he is. Obama is blinded by his own belief system.

Intrinsically, big government is always a poor responder no matter which party is in power. Unlike the Katrina disaster where local and state government had the responsibility for primary response, the response to this oil spill is the direct responsibility of the Federal Government. Obama’s mismanagement of the Gulf oil leak is truly mind-boggling. Obama lacks the slightest degree of management skill. This is not really surprising as “We” elected as President and CEO of the USA a man who lacks absolutely any management experience.

Remember how the complicit media (including the MSNBC crew) told us that this man was so brilliant that experience would not matter (although experience really did matter when it came to the opposing Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates)? Surprise! Experience actually does mean something and America is re-learning it the hard way. Fifty plus days into the spill, and Barry finally decides that maybe he’d just better talk to the BP CEO and make political points by “kicking some ass”. Meanwhile, the people of the Gulf Coast and the environment continue to suffer crippling blows with no end in sight.

Where are the comparisons with FDR, Kennedy or Reagan now? All of these men would have handled the situation far better as they were true leaders.

Last night, nearly 60 days into the disaster, Barry displays his leadership and management skills with this pathetic and petty speech. A real leader and an experienced manager would have immediately called all players together, assessed the situation and mobilized all resources foreign and domestic to stop the leak. But no! He rejects the advice of his petroleum engineers, and tells the world in writing we don’t want their help. It looks like Barry is in the pocket of the unions on this one. The time for blame is after the leak is controlled and not before. We don’t expect miracles, we desperately need some competent leadership.

When you’ve lost the support of even the zombies like Keith Olbermann, you know you are officially toast. This is Obama’s Chappaquiddick.

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Another Democrat War Record Lie

May 19th, 2010 by Ted Silberstein

Well Democrats certainly can not be accused of learning from their mistakes when it comes to misrepresenting their war service record. John Kerry getting his clock cleaned over his Vietnam war record embellishments during his presidential run didn’t stop Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal from jumping into the same minefield with both feet. In many speeches, Blumenthal has repeatedly and often pointed out that he served in Vietnam when it has now been confirmed that he was a Marine reservist, who obtained at least 5, count ‘em, 5 deferments, and never served overseas.

Blumenthal now wants us to believe that he simply misspoke, and that he only meant to say that he served “during” Vietnam, not “in” Vietnam. Everyone and especially he knows that he is pumping pure bilge water. When he said repeatedly and often that he served in Vietnam, he knew exactly what he was doing and he simply thought he could get away with it. Blumenthal blissfully, ignorantly and worse – arrogantly stode down the same briar path as the war record lying Grand Dragon John Kerry did before him, and just like Kerry he has now been caught red handed in his lies.

What is so astounding is how Blumenthal has the temerity to leer into the camera and warn us “I will not allow anyone to take a few of those misplaced words and impugn my record of service.” Really? You will not allow it? Ooh, I’m so scared. Sounds just like when Bill Clinton wagged his finger at us and said “You listen to me, I did not have sex with that girl.” Well that certainly convinced us didn’t it?

Get this straight Richard Blumenthal, I don’t care what you will allow, I am calling you out. You are a liar, you knew you were intentionally claiming to have served in Vietnam while knowing you never did, and I am impugning not the service you actually performed, but I’m most definitely impugning your fabricated claims to having servived in Vietnam, which is a repugnant affront to the brave soldiers who did. So there, despite your belicose warning you may now consider yourself thoroughly and completely impugned. Besides, you needn’t worry about being impugned by others when you have done such a superlative job of impugning yourself.

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Students Kicked Out of School For Honoring Our Flag – What?!

May 7th, 2010 by Ted Silberstein

In the latest case of political correctness run amok, America has once again been bitch slapped, this time by Nick Boden the principal of Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, California who suspended several students – Why? For wearing American Flag t-shirts to school on Cinco De Mayo, an act he believed offended the students of Mexican heritage. Oy vey! It is time to take School Prinicipal Boden to school.

Mr. Boden,

Outrage aside: Employing simple logic, does this mean that your administration would also prohibit the students of Mexican decent from wearing any clothing bearing the colors of Mexico on any traditionally American holidays, or any other day for that matter, for fear of offending students whose heritage and ancestry is American?

Patriotism via the wearing of shirts bearing the colors of our flag aside: Are you aware that there is a right to freedom of speech in the United States? You should understand that although it may seem counter intuitive, there is nothing in our Constitution that protects one from being “offended” and by its design actually protects the right to “offend,” and therefore the bottom line ironically enough, is that it is this right to free speech that protects the rights of Mexican students, American students or students of any heritage to wear the colors of their nations flags with out hindrance because of the possibility that someone might be offended.

All of this aside: The question really becomes one of simple policy. Policy makes your jobs as a school administrator and my job as a police administrator easy. It keeps us in line, it protects us from liability, and keeps our organizations from looking incompetent and foolish. Hard as it may be to believe, even a horribly written policy that authorizes you to do whatever you want to whomever you want whenever you want would protect you as long as you had that policy. I don’t think you do.

Therefore, all the emotions about patriotic clothing offending one group or another, had no bearing in this episode which boils down to this simple question of policy: Does your school have a policy that dictates when students may or may not wear patriotic clothing bearing the colors of the nation of their heritage? If there is no such policy in your school, and I would bet a year’s salary there is not, then you Nick, arbitrarily created your own personal policy on the spur of the moment, a policy which like a magician who pulls a rabbit out of his hat, you essentially pulled out of your ass, and visited it upon a singled out group of your own choosing at a time of your own choosing.

Humor and national heritage aside: What the hell were you thinking Nick?

Ted Silberstein

Contact the school:

Switchboard (408) 201-6100
Fax (408) 776-9097

Nick Boden – Principal

Here’s the link to the school directory:

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Obama calls “Entrepreneurship Summit” with Muslims

March 7th, 2010 by Rich Szabo

In his June “A New Beginning” speech in Cairo, President Obama announced that the U.S. will host a Summit on Entrepreneurship to identify how we can deepen ties between business leaders, foundations, and social entrepreneurs in the United States and Muslim-majority countries (MMC), including their minority populations, and Muslim communities around the world.

With all the American business failing you would think he would have an “American Entrepreneurship Summit”. But NO.

A Muslim “summit on entrepreneurship” to me is a “weapons bazzar and bake sale”. These people have not gotten along with others for thousands of years. Now let’s bring them all together like the old mafia and they can decide on which areas they can control. Why not give them casino licenses to launder money too? Did’nt Barry-O ever notice that other countries try not to get involved with this type of stuff?

What country is stupid enough to host a “black market mixer?”. What next?…a summit dinner cruse on a hijacked cargo ship? Well , it’s time to pack the camel with Russian ak-47′s , rpg’s and chinese ammo and shuffle off to the summit. I guess gas stations and 7-11 stores are not enough.

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Killer Whale Attack at SeaWorld

February 25th, 2010 by Rich Szabo

Investigators have NO IDEA why the KILLER whale KILLED the trainer at SeaWorld. Although the KILLER whale has been involved in TWO OTHER DEATHS. While this is very sad for the family and friends of the trainer…No Idea? Really? Just take a guess?…. C’mon take a stab.

Humans are so arrogant as to believe we can control nature, we assume these animals are happy because they do fun tricks for food. Hell, I do tricks for food and money, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t rather be in the ocean with my friends, In fact I know I would.

“They are piecing together information, so that this doesnt happen again”……Um… Don’t play with Killer Whales.

I would recommend the same for Tigers, Grizzly Bears, Rhinos and Sharks. Please note; that this is only a small list of animals I do not recommend playing with or even going near, please do not take me to mean that animals not mentioned here should be played with.

Ok I know I’m responding to myself here, But I think I have the solution:

We need Warning Labels on Killer Whales! I’m calling my Senators and Congressmen right now!

Killer Whale Warning

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