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Bank of America, Netflix and Cain, Oh My

November 3rd, 2011 by Ted Silberstein

1) Bank of America and Netflix

After weeks of uproar Bank of America has scrapped its plans to implement the $5 per month debit card fee. First, with all the outrageous drunken sailor spending by Barak Hussein Obama’s Administration that is truly torturing Americans, it’s just plain goofy that of all things it is this silly little $5 fee that drove so many American’s insane – really? Anyway having said that, what is significant and good to see, is that alas, it was not the government intervention clamored for mostly by the liberal Occupy types that caused Bank of America to change its mind. No, as much as he would have loved to, Obama’s government never got the chance, so he can’t claim credit for this rescue. No, the free market acted too fast and solved its own problem before Obama could get his hands on it, and thus robbed him of his victory. It was good old fashion customers putting out the clear message saying “Listen up Bank of America, you ain’t the only game in town, we have options, and if you do this, we’ll just take our money and our banking business elsewhere.” Walla – fee is history! And that my friends, is how it is supposed to work, a business exercising its freedom to respond or not, to he voice of buyers in a free market who made it clear they would exercise their own freedom to take their business to where they can get a better deal.

Very much the same reaction that American’s gave Netflix over the past few months in which Netflix lost over 800,000 customers virtually overnight by doubling the price of their service. Netflix was a victim of being taken in by their own press, believing that they were the only game in town and they got cocky. But the collective voice of the customers in a free market spoke up and told Netflix the same thing they told Bank of America, “Newsflash Netflix, you ain’t the only game in town, we have a shit pile of other movie viewing options” and customers left in droves exercising their freedom of the free market to avail themselves of those other options. Just like with Bank of America, no government intervention, no government needed to take care of the people and solve their problem, just the free market taking care of itself, and that’s how it’s done in a real America. The operative word – Freedom!

2) Herman Cain

Yes Herman Cain has run into a buzz saw, and anyone who didn’t think that the ghouls would look for anything to burst his campaign bubble was kidding themselves. Having said that, it’s becoming clearer with each passing hour, that the allegations against Cain are based on innuendo, and involve nothing more than gestures that were said to have made some women “angry – again, really?

Those of us who are cops know that we and our agencies have been subjected to lawsuits as a result of a call for service we were involved in, calls in which we did nothing wrong. Even though our agency acknowledged that we did nothing wrong, our City or County without blinking an eye still dumped the lawsuit off to its insurance company to settle it and make it go away with a quick payment because it’s cheaper than fighting it. It’s a simple business decision that is made every day in the lucrative depraved world of lawyers and litigation and everyone knows it. But that’s not even the point.

Again none of the allegations against Cain at least so far (knock on wood) allege anything physical, but the attacks on Cain by liberals are merciless, while the same liberals gave Bill Clinton a free pass for receiving the The First Blow Job in the Oval, or should we say Oral Office. Even uber liberal feminist Gloria Steinem was charitable concerning Wild Bill saying “he was entitled to one free grope.” A Blewinski under the desk in the Oral Office was a grope-and-a half wouldn’t you say? Then there was former liberal rising star and Democrat presidential hopeful John Edwards impregnating his mistress while his wife was dying of cancer. Pillars of virtue both, but when it comes to moral outrage for liberals, Wild Bill scoring his Oral Office Blewinski, and Edwards spreading his seed don’t even come close to the horror of Herman Cain’s “gestures” which made a couple of women angry? But again, that’s not even the point either.

My real point here is that in the face of all this, we still must maintain our good humor, and to that end, I said all of the above just to set up the following comical beauty by Conan O’Brien: ‘Herman Cain is having to respond to claims that he once sexually harassed women. Apparently a German woman kept telling him, ‘Nein, nein, nein’ ” Hey, I don’t care how conservative I am or how much I may support Herman Cain, dog gone it, that’s pretty funny.

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