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Drug-War With Mexico

April 1st, 2009 by Rich Szabo

This was sent to me by a friend. He gave me permission to post this:

Dear Attorney General Holder,

I assume you’re aware of the perpetual drug-war with Mexico is in “full swing” in these early days of 2009 since this war is broadcast on CNN every night. As reported by the Anderson Cooper 360 Show on 3/26/09 I learned a U.S. Marshall named Vincent Bustamante was shot in the head at the Mexican border. I believe it is safe to assume that Mr. Bustamante was killed on American soil then his body was dragged over to Mexico so the patronizing news networks couldn’t report the truth as it happened so as to not inflame things anymore than they are right now. As reported by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, “….kidnapping are up in Phoenix.” -CNN 3/24/09. Also as reported by Leo Shane III of Stars and Stripes “…In the last year more than 7,000 people have been killed in fighting in Mexico as the country’s military battles drug cartels entrenched throughout the country.” “…Phoenix officials reported a sharp rise in kidnappings last year, with more than 300 kidnappings in 2008. Most involved Mexican immigrants with family ties to the drug cartels.”.

The Batista family as reported by Larry King had a family member that was recently kidnapped and held for ransom by the Mexican drug cartel back in December of 2008. The Batista family still has no answers to their relative’s whereabouts.

Do you really feel it would be a wise decision for you to go to the good American people of Phoenix Arizona and El Paso Texas and tell them that they will soon be disarmed caused by your insistence with the Office of The President to once again implement an archaic and failed idea? The first “weapons” ban in 1993 helped nobody but criminals because as you know, they obtain their weapons illegally. Americans have grown tired of out-of-touch law makers thumbing their nose at our 2nd Amendment and we don’t want this posturing again.

It matters not you’ve said “during the campaign, there are just a few gun-related changes that we would like to make…” sir. -February 25 2009. Disarming Americans, ignoring or attempting to re-write the 2nd Amendment, over-regulating the 2nd Amendment out of existence has not and will not work. I should remind you that the first gun ban didn’t stop at “just a few guns”.

In the midst of a war with a drug cartel so close to American soil that obviously have automatic weapons and no qualms in kidnapping Americans on American soil I will add, rekindling a socialist idea when it directly and immediately affects people’s lives may just create lawlessness and of course another spike in gun sales which is what you and President Obama want to avoid in the first place.

We the people have the right, whether you like it or not, to defend ourselves, our property and person. No governing body can legislate self-protection into oblivion.

It also should be obvious to you sir the number of U.S. Reserves or law enforcement officers at the border is almost irrelevant: the killings and kidnappings are still occurring, the thugs are still finding their way into America sir.

The American people will not sit ideally by and watch the eroding of their rights, especially today. The good folk near the drug border obviously can not depend, nor should they have to, on law enforcement when they have a right to bear arms at least for a little while longer right?

If your anti-2nd Amendment legislation passes, which it probably will due to a liberal House and Senate, then the law abiding citizens near the two thousand mile long drug border will have only but a telephone to defend themselves come their inevitable clash with the machinegun toting killers they lay in wait for them so close to their home. What a shame sir, what a shame.

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