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Obamas Election Promise to Gun Owners Disappears

November 7th, 2008 by Rich Szabo

I find it Omazing that the Barack Obama website took down the pages and .pdf files of his gun control policies the day after the election.Barry and Joe Biden are two of the most anti-gun supporters in this nation. Biden was one of the original writers of the Clinton Gun Ban. I can promise you that this will be one of the first items on the table after they are sworn in on January 20th. I have had people tell me it would take years to get this through. How long did it take for the Bailout Plan to get written, voted on and signed into law? Answer: Less than a week.

Here’s where the gun control policies were:

This is where the statement on Obama’s “support” of the second amendment used to be before Nov 4th. Look how quickly they took it down!

I sent an email to Barry’s website regarding the issue of gun control and why the pages regarding the second amendment were taken down. And on this website they have one paragraph talking about “Sportsmen”. You can also apply for a job with the new administration while your there. I guess that’s his way of creating jobs and saving the economy. I received an auto-responder message which follows:

“You have just contacted Obama for America, the Obama/Biden campaign organization. A new organization is being formed to facilitate communication with the Obama/Biden Administration that will take office on January 20, 2009. If you have questions, suggestions, or comments about the federal government, policy, or the coming Obama/Biden Administration, please visit the online Office of the President-elect for more information and to get involved:

If you’re contacting us because you’ve been energized by your participation in our grassroots movement, we hope you will remain active in your community and involved in national policy debates. Please continue to visit regularly. We’ve built one of the most comprehensive nationwide organizing networks in history, and our victory on November 4th is only the beginning of the work we will do together.

The 56th Presidential Inauguration will take place on January 20th, 2009, and will be run by the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies. We encourage you to check their website for more details:

If you have other thoughts or business with the campaign, you can continue to reach us toll free at 866-675-2008. Due to the extremely high number of messages we are currently receiving, we may be unable to respond to your message individually, but we do appreciate hearing from you and hope you’ll work with us as we build America’s future together.

Thank you again for contacting us.

Obama for America”

I would go to and send them an email demanding Barry & Joe’s policies on gun control and what their detailed agenda is. I asked for a detailed plan on his stance for gun control, not just smooth talking B.S. So far I have heard nothing. However, we the people can bug the hell out of them to make sure that our Second Amendment Rights stay just as they are.

Support the NRA, it’s the only hope we have:

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