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Obama and Guns

November 12th, 2008 by Rich Szabo

Barack Obama has no idea when it comes to firearms. He and Joe Biden are two of the most anti-gun people on this planet. They have consistently voted to ban firearms. Joe Biden penned the first version of the “Clinton Gun Ban of 1994″. They keep talking about banning “Assualt Weapons”. However they have no idea what they are talking about.

The term Assault Weapon is derived from the term assault rifle, itself a translation of the German word Sturmgewehr, literally “storm-rifle”. In its technical sense, the term Assault weapon refers to a military weapon used to aid in military assault operations, that is, attacking a fortified position. Legislators and political lobbyists have adopted the term to refer to specific semi-automatic firearms and other firearms listed by specific characteristics for statutory purposes. The legislative usage follows usage by political groups seeking to limit the individual’s right to keep and bear arms, who have sought to extend the meaning to include a semi-automatic firearm that is similar in name or appearance to a fully automatic firearm or military weapon. Note that this term is not synonymous with assault rifle, which has an established technical definition.

Using lists of physical features or specific firearms in defining assault weapons in the United States was first codified by the language defining semi-automatic rifles with certain characteristics in the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban.

The term “assault weapon” in the context of civilian rifles has been attributed to gun-control activist Josh Sugarmann. Assault weapon refers to semi-automatic firearms (that is, firearms that, when fired, automatically extract the spent casing and load the next round into the chamber, ready to fire again) that were developed from earlier fully-automatic weapons. By former U.S. law the legal term assault weapon included certain specific semi-automatic firearm models by name (e.g., Colt AR-15, H&K G36E, TEC-9, all AK-47s, and Uzis) and other semi-automatic firearms because they possess a minimum set of features from the following list of features:

A semi-automatic AK-47 rifle.
An Intratec TEC-9 with 32-round magazine; a semi-automatic pistol formerly classified as an Assault Weapon under Federal Law.

Semi-automatic rifles able to accept detachable magazines and two or more of the following:

* Folding stock
* Conspicuous pistol grip
* Bayonet mount
* Flash suppressor, or threaded barrel designed to accommodate one
* Grenade launcher (more precisely, a muzzle device which enables the launching or firing of rifle grenades)

Semi-automatic pistols with detachable magazines and two or more of the following:

* Magazine that attaches outside the pistol grip
* Threaded barrel to attach barrel extender, flash suppressor, handgrip, or silencer
* Barrel shroud that can be used as a hand-hold
* Unloaded weight of 50 oz (1.4 kg) or more
* A semi-automatic version of an automatic firearm

Semi-automatic shotguns with two or more of the following:

* Folding or telescoping stock
* Pistol grip
* Fixed capacity of more than 5 rounds
* Detachable magazine

The earlier term assault rifle, refers to rifles that are select-fire (that is, rifles that are capable of either semi-automatic or fully-automatic fire), firing intermediate-power rounds (such as the 5.56 x 45 mm NATO, or 7.62 x 39 mm), which along with fully automatic pistols, provided the pre-cursor for the term “assault weapon.”

(Fully automatic, such as describing a machine gun, means that a firearm can fire multiple rounds with a single pull of the trigger and will continue to fire as long as the trigger is depressed and ammunition remains in the magazine. In contrast, the term assault weapon as used in civilian and U.S. legal usage refers to a semi-automatic weapon that fires one shot for each trigger pull, the same as any other semi-automatic hunting rifle, or semi-automatic household handgun, all of which automatically load another round of ammunition that can be fired with each subsequent trigger pull until the attached magazine is empty. Note: a double-action revolver also fires one shot for each trigger pull but is not considered “semi-automatic” since the force of pulling the trigger brings the next round ready rather than the recoil of the last cartridge.)

Now, if you are going to start your anti-gun rhetoric let’s get more of our terminology correct.

Here’s what Obama had to say about the Virginia Tech shootings:

“(Cho) had a semiautomatic weapon with a clip that allowed him to take 19 shots in a row,” Obama said. “I don’t know any self-respecting hunter that needs 19 rounds of anything. The only reason you have 19 rounds is potentially to do physical harm to people. You don’t shoot 19 rounds at a deer. And if you do, you shouldn’t be hunting.”


If they allowed all the people who had concealed carry licenses to be able to carry on campus, they could have stopped this maniac. But, the college wouldn’t allow law abiding citizens to carry on campus.

Hey Barry, just a head’s up, but it’s not a clip. It’s called a MAGAZINE. If you want to be an authority on gun control, get your terminology right. Clips are not Magazines!
Don’t expose yourself to ridicule as a gun goof by misusing terms.

It is amusing that people conĀ­sider themselves knowledgeable or authoritative don’t know the difference between the two. If called on their gaffe, they often fall back on “Well, everyone knows what was meant,” or a plea to not be so pedantic.

Here’s the difference Barry and Joe. Now pay attention and take notes:

A “Clip” is a device for holding cartridges together, usually to facilitate loading. Widely used as a synonym for “magazine” (although most firearm authorities consider this substandard usage). Technically, a magazine has a feeding spring, a clip does not.

A clip is different from a magazine and the terms are by no means interchangeable. Using “clip” when one means “magazine” is akin to saying “tires” when one actually means “wheels.” Such a malaprop marks the user as a hopeless idiot. More reasons why the two terms should not be confused or interchanged is because the “clip” actually fits inside a magazine.

Here is a picture of a magazine which is what you reference in your statement:

Pistol Magazine

Here is a picture of a clip:

Lee Enfield Clip

If you can’t figure this out by reading, you can watch this video:


So Barry, if you and Joey are planning your gun ban, I would suggest maybe you take a few NRA courses and actually learn what you are banning. Because listening to you talk I sit back and laugh, because neither one of you have any idea what you are talking about.

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